Tranquility with a bold detail. An arrangement full of contrasts

14 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk of Butterfly Studio are responsible for the design.
  2. The arrangement combines a subdued japanese-style base with colorful accents.
  3. The most important element of the arrangement is the red sofa.
  4. The colorful bathrooms contrast with the calm arrangement.
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The apartment designed by Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk of Butterfly Studio is full of surprises. A subdued color scheme forms the base here, which interacts with a colorful twist.

Baza aranżacji utrzymana jest w stylu japandi

The base of the arrangement is kept in the japandi style

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Harmony of opposites

Thisctwo-level apartment in Warsaw was created for a 2+1 family. The idea of the project was to contrast between a simple and subdued living area and closed rooms, which were to introduce energy and surprise with color. The architects decided to bring this idea to life with an eclectic combination of a calm japandi style base with bold accents. As a result, the space harmoniously combines expressiveness, coziness and modernity, reflecting the unique style and taste of the investors.

Architektki Anna Baranowska i Joanna Felczuk  Stoliki kawowe o organicznych kształtach

Architects Anna Baranowska and Joanna Felczuk

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Colorful accent

The focal point of the living room area is the red-sofa. This element catches the eye and adds energy to the interior. The organic shapes of the coffee tables add naturalness to the space. The TV wall was finished in veneer and textured plaster and decorated with LED backlighting and plants.

Głównym elementem aranżacji jest ruda kanapa

The main element of the arrangement is the red sofa

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Delicate contrasts

The kitchen was decorated in a calm style. Beige upper cabinets were juxtaposed with lower cabinets created from natural veneer. Such a delicate contrast adds character to the arrangement, while not destroying the elegant decor. The countertop and technical strip made of conglomerate provide durability and functionality. Stylized sockets introduce a pleasant accent in the space between the cabinets. The open layout of the kitchen allows light to flow freely and makes cooking and shared meals pleasant.

Górne beżowe szafki zostały zestawione z fornirem na dole zabudowy

The upper beige cabinets were juxtaposed with the veneer at the bottom of the development

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

Expressive bathrooms

The first floor bathroom is a striking contrast to the quiet kitchen arrangement. Green tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern and blob-shaped mirrors, referring to the coffee tables, create an interior full of vibrant colors and expression. It's a place where harmony and energy go hand in hand. Meanwhile, the bathroom located on the first floor delights with a color scheme that refers to the sofa. Red tones create a cozy and warm interior. The main eye-catcher is the illuminated wallpaper located just above the bathtub. Brass elements and cabinet details add a touch of elegance.

Łazienka na parterze została wyłożona zielonymi płytkami ułożonymi w jodełkę Łazienka na górze wyróżnia się tapetą nad wanną

The first floor bathroom was tiled with green tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern, while the one upstairs features wallpaper over the bathtub

Photo: Patryk Polewany Styling: Eliza Mrozińska

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