How to decorate a balcony in romantic style?

11 of April '23

Wondering how to decorate your balcony? The answer may be a romantic style full of pastels, soft fabrics and delicate decorations.

Styl romantyczny opiera się na połączeniu bieli z pastelami

Romantic style is based on a combination of white and pastels

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In a subtle tone

The basis of arrangements in the romantic style are soft, pastel colors. The most important role is played by white. However, it is complemented by soft pinks and grays. The whole arrangment should be airy and devoid of flashy colors and excessive decorations. Opt for natural textiles, soft textures and openwork elements. Vintage-style accessories are also ideal. The cherry on top is moody lighting, which will make the whole room cozy.

Połącz róż z szarością

Combine pink with gray

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Romantic style furniture

Wooden or metal furniture painted in white will work best as a rest. Choose those with soft contours to add even more lightness to the overall look. Avoid, however, modern plastic garden furniture. Also look in your basement or search online for used balcony sets. Bearing traces of use or light corrosion, frayed furniture is perfect for a romantic arrangement.

Drewniane meble świetnie sprawdzą się w takiej aranżacji

Wooden furniture will work well in such an arrangement

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Atmospheric lighting

The right lighting will give your balcony arrangement a romantic vibe. Don't use harsh spot lights of cold color. Instead, opt for garlands and solar lights. From chains you can create a fancy decoration on the wall or balcony balustrade. Candles and lanterns will also look interesting.

Pamiętaj o tekstyliach

Remember about textiles

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Romantic flowers and accessories

A romantic style balcony should include many flowering plants, preferably in shades of pink, purple, blue and white. Lilies, roses and beautifully scented lavender are ideal. You can also create natural background by ornamental grasses, which will hum pleasantly in the wind. In accessories, bet on moderation and delicacy. Decorative pillows and bedspreads in warm pastel colors will create a cozy atmosphere. Also consider a rug that will warm up the floor. Colored glassware, meanwhile, will play beautifully with the light.

Kwiaty nadadzą aranżacji wyrazu

Flowers will add expression to the arrangement

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