9 stair railings that will enhance your interior

26 of January '22

In modern interiors, we often choose not to install railings. Over time, however, for safety reasons, we decide that they are essential in our homes. For tiny children or the elderly, they can be an aid to climbing even a few steps.

Staromodne balustrady czasem wymagają tylko lekkiego odświeżenia, by wyglądać zjawiskowo

Old-fashioned railings sometimes just need a slight refresh to look phenomenal

© Pawel Bukowski

1. old-fashioned, not necessarily unfashionable

Beautiful balustrades on staircases, are an asset especially in older houses. As long as they are made of solid wood or other easily renovated materials, their value increases dramatically. If you already have a wooden or metal balustrade in your home that seems old-fashioned and uninteresting to you, you may only need to change its color to make it a beautiful and functional decoration.

Płynna linia poręczy podąża za linią schodów

The smooth line of the railing follows the line of the stairs

© Serhat Beyazkaya

2 The flowing line of the handrail

This balustrade combines a polished wooden handrail with black iron rungs. It gives a distinctive, modern look.

Tradycyjna drewniana balustrada może mieć różne wzory

A traditional wooden balustrade can have different designs

© Aigars Peda

3. traditional design

If the style in which the house is designed is based on tradition, a rustic wooden railing will be suitable here. The simplicity of the railing's design is varied by a distinctive finish, grain and deep wood shade.

Nowoczesna barierka z ciepłą drewnianą poręczą

Modern railing with warm wooden railing

© Jason Briscoe

4. modern simplicity

Amodern home finish will go well with a simple steel stair railing. If lines and right angles reign supreme in our home, choose a similar design for our railing.

Ciekawe wzory balustrad idealnie nadają się do stylizowanych wnętrz lub tradycyjnych chat.

Interesting railing designs are ideal for stylized interiors or traditional chalets

© Wikimedia.org

5. staircase balustrade inspired by nature

We have already shown more than once how much inspiration can be drawn from nature not only when painting walls. This time it can also be a staircase balustrade, which is made of natural wood, but the branch-shaped rungs give the stairs a soft, organic look. The interesting design of the balustrade suits a rustic interior.

Poprzeciągane cięgna lub pręty wyglądają na industrialne i nowocześnie

The crossed tendons or rods look industrial and modern

© Anthony Tran

6. balustrade with steel tendons

Steel tend ons or rods will be a very interesting addition to the interior. The intertwining rods create an interesting pattern, giving a loft-like finish.

Minimalistyczna balustrada z hartowanego szkła

Minimalist balustrade made of tempered glass

© R-Architecture

7. glass balustrade

A glass bal ustrade has a stunning visual effect, adding openness to the interior, visually enlarging spaces and facilitating the flow of light. It adds luxury, and when properly designed and installed, is extremely safe and functional.

Monolityczna balustrada idealnie sprawdzi się w nowoczesnych wnętrzach

A monolithic balustrade is ideal for modern interiors

© Wikimedia.org

8 - Monolithic shapes

In contemporary interior design, a sculptural white staircase is a monumental accent that adds luxurious contours and organic character to a neutral space.

Drewniane listwy są zarazem ciepłe i nowoczesne

The wooden slats are both warm and modern

© Thanos Pal

9 Wooden slats

This beautiful balustrade optically enlarges the interior. Thanks to the material used - wood- it also brings a warm atmosphere to the interiors. Here you can install a handrail or leave only the slats to protect against falls from heights.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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