Bathroom in natural colors

20 of June '23
w skrócie
  1. Ewa Masztakowska of the Decoroom studio is responsible for the design of the bathroom.
  2. The interior was arranged in natural colors.
  3. It is dominated by white, green and wood.
  4. The bathroom uses a bathtub with a bathtub screen.
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Architects from the Decoroom studio, Ewa Masztakowska and Katarzyna Fotek, created a functional and warm interior on less than 60 square meters. Subdued colors inspired by the color palette of the earth and wood here build an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility.

Close to nature

The bathroom was decorated in bright, cheerful colors. In addition to wood and pastel colors, subtle tones of green appear here, which can also be found in other interiors of this apartment. In this natural color are both the tiles in the washbasin area, as well as the fronts of the cabinets and the toilet rack development. Greenery combined with wood here builds an atmosphere close to nature.

- The bathroom is an interesting combination of pastel-colored tiles and hybrid flooring, which can be used in bath spaces with the option of a bathtub, or areas outside the shower. Thanks to its properties, it was used throughout the apartment, including in the entrance area, lobby and kitchen - explains architect Ewa Masztakowska of the Decoroom studio.

Za projekt łazienki odpowiada pracownia Decoroom

The Decoroom studio is responsible for the design of the bathroom

Photo: Pion Poziom

Rhythmic decorations

Two decorative motifs recur in the arrangement. The first is the shape of a circle. A large, round mirror is located above the rounded sink. A silver lamp in the shape of two spheres is suspended right next to it. The second motif is ornate fluting. They appear on the tiles with which the bathtub and the wall next to the toilet area are lined. Above the sink, however, there is another variant of them. Each tile has fluting on one half.

Ryflowane płytki zdobią wnętrze

Fluted tiles decorate the interior

Photo: Pion Poziom

Quality and aesthetics

The architect also took care of carefully selected furnishings. The round, countertop washbasin is complemented by a classic silver faucet. Meanwhile, the simple bathtub was matched with a minimalist faucet and a bathtub screen. As a result, despite the small footprint, the bathroom can be used for both bathing and showering.

Okrągła umywalka nablatowa została uzupełniona srebrną baterią

The round countertop washbasin was complemented by a silver faucet

Photo: Pion Poziom

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