Optimistically styled bathrooms

29 of June '22

Warsaw-based design studio Poco Design, has undertaken the interior design of a modern retro style. We have already presented the kitchen with living room and hallways of this stylistically daring apartment. Today we'll take a look at the bathrooms, which with their unusual appearance put users in an optimistic mood.

Łazienka w stylistyce modern retro Toaleta w odważnej stylistyce

Toilet in a bold style

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Pastel interior downstairs

Both bathrooms are characterized by bold color combinations. On the first floor, pink and blue trim elements were composed together. Here we have a small, but rather long room. For this reason, the colors are in light, pastel shades.

Opposite the entrance, a stylistically interesting cabinet is suspended , with a textured finish on the front. On its background, like ornate accent buttons, round orange handles are attached.

A washbasin of unusual shape and color was placed on the countertop, and an oblong mirror, which gives an irresistible impression, suspended upside down, is fixed above them. Near it appeared beautiful details - geometric in form, small side lamps.

The wall on the right warms the interior with a powdery shade of pink, highlighted by a long alcove that serves as a shelf, which has an intriguing apricot hue. Above, the plane is divided into several modules, which presumably serve as capacious cabinets.

Łazienka w stylistyce modern retro Łazienka w stylistyce modern retro

Bathroom in modern retro style

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Fabulous bathroom on the first floor

The second bathroom boldly proposed to separate the space with the bathtub, by lining it with oval tiles in pink and filling the space between them with dark green grout. This is a reference to the bottle-green cabinet fronts designed along one of the walls, as well as to the lamellas found on the other walls of this interior.

The color of the lamellas is a perfect background for the wooden cabinet, which serves as a long countertop under the two sinks. This is a convenient solution when sharing a bathroom with relatives.

Łazienka w stylistyce modern retro

Bathroom in modern retro style

© 3d render: Mateusz Jakubczyk

Themost intriguing thing here, however, is the patterned wallpaper with a fish motif. The graphic depiction of the theme makes the interior fill us with an optimistic mood and transports us to a fairy-tale world.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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