Free-standing bathtub - comfort and elegance

08 of August '22

If you dream of a bathroom where long, relaxing baths are possible, you may want to own a free-standing bathtub. This is an increasingly popular version. Recently, it is becoming a symbol of classics and comfort.

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Free-standing bathtub in a retro-style interior

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A free -standing bathtub will fit into any design style. Its main advantage is its elegant appearance, which emphasizes the character of any interior, and the comfort of use. We can soak in warm water with the addition of fragrant liquid, natural essential oils, or dried flower petals. In addition, the freestanding bathtub can be installed anywhere in the bathroom, provided that it is provided for at the design stage.

A freestanding bathtub will work well in almost any interior style. It will emphasize the coziness of Scandinavian design, perfectly compose with the raw loft style, surrounded by bricks or architectural concrete, as well as a version for themselves will find supporters of glamour aesthetics. The main role of a freestanding bathtub can play not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom.

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Free-standing bathtubs of various shapes

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Shape of the bathtub

On the market, there are many shapes of bathtubs available. Those who are fond of retro style can consider the option of an oval bathtub. Set on angled legs, it will perfectly complement an atmospheric bathroom. Models with legs resembling lion's paws, will directly refer to the style of the 20th century between the wars, so it will also find itself in the context of decorative bathroom faucets and a black and white checkerboard created on the tile floor. An oval bathtub can also stand directly on the floor, which looks decidedly more modern.

There are also models with a rectangular form. This is a version mainly for minimalist arrangements. But to make it a bit more intriguing, we can choose one with an asymmetrical shape. Irregularly recessed bathtubs, are also available in more streamlined models.

There are also free-standing wall-mounted bathtubs. These are versions profiled so that they can be placed directly against the wall. This allows you to install a freestanding bathtub even in small bathrooms.

Modern bathtubs are stable, easy to keep clean and pleasant to the touch.

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Free-standing bathtub in a modern interior

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Size of the bathtub

Standard sizes are 170 cm in length and 70 cm in width. However, having a need for a longer or shorter bathtub, we will certainly find one in the range of 100 to 200 cm. Thus, we will adjust the bathtub to our height and the square footage of the bathroom.

Free-standing bathtub and mobility restrictions

In a situation where the bathtub is used by the elderly or those with mobility difficulties, it is not worth giving up a free-standing bathtub. We can then install special rails on the wall nearby to help such a person get out of the bath.

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