Bedroom combining historical form with contemporary design

16 of December '22

The bedroom designed by Kodo studio is part of a unique Wroclaw apartment. The interior is located in a historic building of the former Customs Office from the early 20th century, right on the Oder River.

Unique space

The basis of this unconventional arrangement is the unique atmosphere of the apartment. Its layout, historically shaped windows and high ceilings, which are emphasized by suspended panels in the form of arches. They correspond with the oval window bays. Unique brick finishes, original structural lime plaster, furniture board cladding and unusual reflective surfaces. These were the wishes of the investor, to which the designers added a flavor in the form of brick color.

W centralnym miejscu nad łóżkiem znajduje się lustro Rondo Oskara Zięty

In the central place above the bed is Oskar Zięta's Rondo mirror


Comfort and interesting form

The bedroom is spacious and bright. Subdued colors of browns and beiges were used here, broken only by the brick-red color of the front door. The focal point of the bedroom is a large, comfortable bed. Its dark, chocolate color has been matched with the wooden built-ins forming bedside cabinets with a unique form. It is worth noting the decorative wall behind the bed. A special lime mortar was used on it. It creates a raw but ornate effect.

Oryginalne oświetlenie dodaje wnętrzu klimatu Drzwi w kolorze cegły

Brick doors and lamp cables add a touch of color to the interior


Unusual accessories

The unique atmosphere of this space is also due to unique accessories. In the foreground we have equipment and decorations by Zięta Studio. The famous Rondo mirror and Plopp stool add a designer touch to the interior. They reflect the surroundings in an understated way, creating an almost otherworldly reality. They are complemented by unconventional lighting. One of the few colorful elements of the bedroom are the brick-colored cables of the two hanging lamps.

Ściana za łóżkiem została ozdobiona specjalnym tynkiem

The wall behind the bed was decorated with a special plaster


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