Curved forms in the interior

Liwia Sus
23 of August '22

The curved shape in the interior is not just a design element. It is also used in the forms of mirrors, screens, backs in seats and beds, or in wall decorations. How does it fit into contemporary minimalism, in which right angles dominate?

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Arched topped passage in the interior

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A form desired since antiquity

Thearch has been known to us since ancient times. It is an invention of engineering that was once used mainly to support huge loads in construction, while today it is often an aesthetic form that gives grace and lightness to monumental buildings.

For a while, arched finials were a thing of the past, supplanted by perpendicular minimalism, but in recent years these forms have been reappearing in constantly searching interior designs. And that's a good thing, because it's a solution that is pleasing to the eye, as well as extremely elegant.

If we opt for rounded forms, on the other hand, it is worthwhile for the motif to have its justification in the given space. So it would be good for it to appear as a recurring element of the arrangement, although moderation will be advisable here as well.

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Bow-topped windows

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Ideas for an arch in an arrangement

Rounded, gentle, pleasing to the eye arches are primarily intended to break up the monotony of a given architecture. Those who can afford this kind of finesse use this shape both in the facades and interiors of their homes.

Arched crowning of the doorway

If we are in favor of curved shapes in the interior, we can opt, for example, for arched finials of doorways. In this way, we can emphasize the monumentality of the front door, or we can round off the passages between the kitchen and the living room, or between the living room and the hallway.

If we are not ready to permanently change the shape of the passage, we can attach arched wooden slats or stucco forms that will visually change its appearance. This solution will also work well for openings in the exterior walls of buildings where the appearance of the facade cannot be changed.

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Niches topped with arches, will be the perfect backdrop for decorative objects

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A niche solution

Arched niches in the walls are perfect places to display decorative objects - sculptures, a bouquet of flowers or a stylish piece of furniture. Such niches will diversify the space and give it an individual character.

Arch painted

If the creation of an arch is too troublesome for us, because it requires renovation, we can opt only for an optical trick, painting the arch on the wall. This solution can look very impressive, although not everyone will be satisfied with such a replacement. A skillfully chosen shape and color scheme will certainly give our home interior an artistic flair.

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Arches in the interior

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Glass partitions with an arch

This is a modern solution, suitable for spacious interiors. They are created from tempered glass, which can be embedded in a suitably shaped metal frame. We can use them in a spacious living room, or in the bathroom, where they will be a perfect reference, for example, to a cradle vault.

Curved furniture

Often found in interiors is a mirror crowned with an arch. Recently, mirrors finished in this way on two sides are also fashionable. They perfectly match the elements of the arrangement, in which arcade motifs appear, but also skillfully break the decor full of right angles, thus softening their austere appearance.

Flowing lines can also create an interesting form of a cabinet, cupboard or table. Some pieces of furniture clearly expose curved elements, such as beds with such a backrest, while others are more discreet, and their curves are noticeable only from the right perspective, preferably from above. Their flowing lines add softness and make the interior more visually pleasing.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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