Dark but cozy. Bedroom in art déco style

05 of December '23

Earlier we already presented a bold bathroom arrangement and a colorful living area designed by Małgorzata Wojtyczka. Today we conclude our visit with a look at the bedroom.

Atmospheric private zone

The first floor of the house has a slightly different look than the ground floor. The interiors of the bathroom and the bedroom refer to the art déco style. These rooms are darker and more atmospheric. However, they do not lack colors.

Łóżko w odcieniu brudnego różu podbija ciepłe tony tapety W sypialni dominują ciemne barwy

The bedroom is dominated by dark colors

Photo: Mood Authors

Unique furnishings

The bedroom is dominated by a bed in a shade of dirty pink, which highlights the warm tones of the floral wallpaper. A special accessory is hung on the hat-shaped lamp. It is a souvenir from the investors' trip to Cuba. Black ceiling creates a beautiful bakcground for this lamp. The whole interior is complemented by dark vinyl flooring. Wooden panels, long lamps and vertical mirrors placed on the sides of the bed give the arrangement a dynamic and unique atmosphere. Bedside tables with a fluted base are reflected in the panels. The design of the furniture was created by Małgorzata Wojtyczka. The tables are part of her personal furniture brand.

Lampę w kształcie kapelusza uzupełnia pamiątka z podróży Stoliki z ryflowaną podstawą zostały zaprojektowane przez Magdalenę Wojtyczkę

The hat-shaped lamp is complemented by a souvenir from the trip

Photo by Mood Authors

In place of the extra room opposite the bed, a sizable dressing room was created. The wardrobe has fronts that imitate copper. They beautifully match the wallpaper behind the bed.

Fronty garderoby imitują miedź Miedziane fronty korespondują z tapetą za łóżkiem

Closet fronts imitate copper

Photo: Mood Authors

- I like it when investors are open to my suggestions, allow a lot of freedom and are not afraid of original solutions. I try to repay the trust with unconventional ideas and that was the case here. Despite inspiration from different styles, we managed to create a coherent, harmonious space - describes the architect.

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