Bedroom in the forest colors

14 of February '24

A suburban house designed by Monika and Adam Bronikowski of Hola Design is hidden in a pine forest.

Surrounded by greenery

A family of three lives in symbiosis with nature. The proximity of the forest, where they walk with their dog, the soothing silence and the favorite green of the pines give them a sense of happiness. The investors wanted the house to be an extension of this surrounding. That is why they opted for panoramic windows. Through the large glazing, nature seeps into the interior, flooding the space with daylight and allowing immersion in the surrounding nature. The architecture of the house and its interiors was carefully designed to harmonize with the nearby forest. The boundaries become fluid. The well-being of the homeowners is influenced by the highest quality natural materials and timeless design.

Kolorystyka wnętrza nawiązuje do pobliskiego lasu

The color scheme of the interior refers to the nearby forest

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Colors of nature

- When designing the interiors, we knew that the color scheme and natural materials would be key - say Monika and Adam Bronikowski of Hola Design studio.

The architects enriched the palette of grays and beiges with shades of green, orange and black. All these colors blend with the view outside the window, together creating an aura conducive to relaxation.

Lamele zostały połączone z lustrem Miejsce pod oknem zostało wykorzystane do stworzenia przytulnego kącika

The space under the window was used to create a cozy corner

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Overlooking the forest

The bedroom is located on the first floor. The architects kept the arrangement in a soft, light color scheme of gray and beige, enriched with green and purple. On the wall behind the bed, the designers used an interesting solution. Underlay in the form of a mirror was placed under the slats.

- The window and the forest are reflected in its plane, satisfying the need for close contact with nature — explains Monika Bronikowska.

On both sides of the bed, simple coffee tables have been placed, fulfilling the function of bedside tables. They feature round white lamps, which blend well with the marble-patterned tabletops. Also worth noting is the upholstered headrest, where the switches were placed. Opposite the bed, a corner filled with soft pillows was arranged under the window. This is an ideal place to indulge in reading and admire the surrounding forest.

Sypialnię od łazienki oddziela szklana ścianka

The bedroom is separated from the bathroom by a glass wall

Photo by Yassen Hristov

Relaxation among the wood

Daylight also reaches the bathroom, separated from the room only by a glass partition with sliding doors. A free-standing, minimalist bathtub provides a place to relax. However, if we are in a hurry, a simple shower is placed right next to it. Here, too, laths have been used. This time in a slightly warmer, more honey-colored tone. The same shade was used to create a wooden cabinet with a washbasin. Everything is complemented by simple white ceramics and a silver faucet.

W łazience znajduje się wolnostojąca wanna W łazience wykorzystano ciepły odcień drewna

A warm shade of wood was used in the bathroom

Photo by Yassen Hristov

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