A bedroom inspired by nature

04 of July '23
w skrócie
  1. Ewa Masztakowska is responsible for the project.
  2. The interior is kept in earthy colors.
  3. The main point of the arrangement is an upholstered bed.
  4. The wall opposite the bed was decorated with wallpaper with a floral motif.
  5. More interesting information can be found on the main page of the PdD portal.

We have previously presented the arrangement of the bathroom and living area of a Warsaw apartment designed by the Decoroom studio. Today we take a look at the bedroom created by architect Ewa Masztakowska.

Natural materials

The bedroom, although small, is extremely functional and cozy. The natural atmosphere of this interior is built by colors inspired by the palette of earth colors and wood. Here, too, as in the living area, there are laths. This time they mark the storage corner with an open bookcase and a gray closet. The laths in the shade of natural wood blend perfectly with the floor.

W niewielkim wnętrzu znalazło się miejsce na szarą szafę

In the small interior there was room for a gray closet

Photography and styling: Marta Behling / Pion Poziom

Many renditions of beige

The focal point of the bedroom is an upholstered bed with a soft headrest. The piece of furniture is covered with a sandy beige fabric, which blends perfectly with the rest of the interior elements. On either side of the bed you will also find minimalist black tables and white ball-shaped lamps. The bedroom is further warmed by elements in cream color. It can be found on the long curtains, upholstered bed frame and textile accessories in the form of bedspreads and pillows.

Głównym punktem aranżacji jest tapicerowane łóżko

The focal point of the arrangement is the upholstered bed

Photography and styling: Marta Behling / Pion Poziom

Overlooking nature

The attention in this interior is undoubtedly attracted by floral wallpaper. The wall opposite the bed was decorated with it. This allows to wake up with a view of the floral motif. The harmonious combination of different types of leaves and many shades of green brings a touch of freshness to the space. An irregularly shaped mirror also hangs on this wall, as well as a narrow wooden shelf where trinkets can be placed. On the walls, which are not decorated with wallpaper, classic white was used. Thanks to this, the small room is not overwhelmed by a large bed and ornate wallpaper, and the whole bedroom exudes warmth and tranquility. This extremely cozy bedroom in earthy colors certainly provides a calm and relaxing place to rest after a long day.

Ściana naprzeciw łóżka została ozdobiona tapetą

The wall opposite the bed was decorated with wallpaper

Photography and styling: Marta Behling / Pion Poziom

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