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14 of February '22

BULL 80M - BENINCA gate operator.

BULL 8OM sliding gate actuator in oil bath. The strongest, most durable and safest on the market.


BENINCA 's flagship product , the BULL 8OM operator for sliding g ates up to 800 kg gate weight, with 940N thrust, is the most powerful product available on the Polish market. Thanks to its unique features, BULL8OM was a winner in the PRODUCT ADVANTAGE FOR MY HOME competition .
The BULL8OM mechanical gearbox is made of bronze and steel, immersed in an oil bath, which guarantees the long life of the actuator.

BULL8OM comes standard with an encoder to prevent crushing of people, animals, objects in the gate light. When it encounters an obstacle, the actuator stops and retracts the gate. Of course, in addition to the encoder, photocells are sold in the basic set. Thus, the user of the BULL8OM receives as standard up to 2 protections against possible damage.

We invite you to watch the presentation of the unique product BULL80M up to 800 kg. Presentation of the actuator.

BULL8 OM has many useful functions unavailable in competing products, such as: partial opening of the gate so-called "wicket", soft start and closing of the gate, signaling about the status of the gate, closing after crossing the line of photocells, counter of the completed cycles and many others. Magnetic limit switches built in as standard.

For more information, visit the company 'sBENINCA POLONIA Sp. z o.o. page on thePdD portal.

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