The way to a durable and beautiful floor. Bet on Querra panels from VOX

22 of July '22

Interior decoration usually begins with the choice of flooring. The intensity of its use makes us look for solutions that guarantee high durability and resistance to damage. Its appearance also matters - after all, it is one of the most representative elements of furnishings in our home. Looking for a product that combines functional and aesthetic properties, it is worth paying attention to Querra laminated floor panels from VOX.

Podłogi Querra zostały stworzone we współpracy z renomowanymi producentami

Querra floors were created in cooperation with renowned manufacturers


Flooring in your style

A wide selection of colors, varied finishing standards, and a wide price range - in the Querra collections we can find panels tailored to our requirements and the possibilities and character of any interior. The technology used makes the flooring resistant to external factors such as impacts or scratches. The patterns have been selected by VOX stylists to suit the varied needs of customers. The production uses materials that faithfully reflect the structure of natural wood, which contributes to the extremely elegant appearance of the floor. Thanks to their durability and timeless design, the panels from the Querra collection will accompany us for years.

Laminowane panele podłogowe odwzorowują rysunek naturalnego drewna

Laminated floor panels reproduce the grain of natural wood


Resilient in every way

Querra collections have the highest abrasion class AC5, which is responsible for maximum durability and strength of the panels. Thus, they can be used in all domestic rooms, as well as in offices, stores or restaurants. Due to the milling of the boards on four sides(V-groove), a small V-shaped indentation is created between the panels, and this in turn makes the floor look as if it were made of solid wooden boards. As a result, the surface area through which moisture could penetrate is reduced.

Kolekcje Querra posiadają klasę ścieralności AC5

Querra collections have an abrasion class of AC5


Water: not a problem

Classic Querra panels have been improved with modern water resistance technology, which protects the floor from moisture absorption. This has resulted in 7 collections of Querra WR panels with increased water resistance. The Megaloc Aqua Protect and Aqua Pearl solutions used effectively prevent standing liquids from penetrating between the panels for up to 24 hours, and in the case of the Querra Balance WR and Querra Balance Plus collections for up to 72h. This makes Querra WR also perfect for rooms such as the kitchen or bathroom, where the floor is in frequent contact with water.

Zwiększona odporność na wodę to kluczowa cecha kolekcji paneli Querra WR

Increased water resistance is a key feature of the Querra WR panel collection


Comprehensive and in one place

The VOX brand offers all flooring products - from high-quality underlays to style-matched skirting boards. In this way it meets the needs of customers who want to buy a complete flooring system in one place. This is a guarantee of a perfect fit of all elements and saves time. For Querra and Querra WR panels, a good solution is MAX-POD Alu Prime polyurethane-mineral underlay. This is the latest product in the VOX range, which stands out for its advanced technological refinement. The underlay increases the durability of the floor and protects the locks, and is ideal for underfloor heating. In addition, it does not emit odors or volatile organic compounds.

Podkład pod panele gwarantuje izolację akustyczną i ochronę przed wilgocią

Among other things, the underlay for panels guarantees sound insulation and protection against moisture


When looking for the right floor moldings for our interiors, we can choose from three lines offered by VOX: Espumo, Evera or Estilo. Available in different colors and heights, they can be properly matched to the pattern of the Querra collection panels we have chosen, as well as to the color of the walls and doors.

Listwa przypodłogowa to element, który znacząco wpływa na aranżację wnętrz

Skirting board is an element that significantly affects interior design


Complete floor systems are available in VOX door and floor showrooms. An on-site consultant will help us choose the best solutions.

The full offer can also be found at

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the A&B portal.

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