Champagne-colored interior

29 of December '23

Champagne is not only a part of the end-of-year celebration. It is also a beautiful color with which you can create an intriguing arrangement.

Champagne is a combination of light beige and powder pink. This shade brightens up interiors, adds warmth and softness to them. Champagne color looks great in both modern and vintage arrangements. How to use it in the interior?

Szampański to intrygujący kolor, za pomocą którego możesz stworzyć elegancką aranżację

Champagne is an intriguing color with which you can create an elegant arrangement

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What colors should the champagne shade be combined with?

Classic white, as well as black and gold will create an elegant and stylish arrangement with the champagne shade. Also beiges and browns go well with champagne colors, creating elegant and warm interiors. If you like contrasting combinations, add elements in the shade of deep burgundy or dark navy blue. However, remember not to overdo it with their quantity, as this can overwhelm the interior.

Biel, złoto i elementy granatu będą idealnym uzupełnieniem koloru szampańskiego

White, gold and elements of navy blue will be the perfect complement to champagne color

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Champagne as an arrangement base

Champagne color brightens and optically enlarges interiors. So it is worth using it in smaller rooms. You can use this color both on all as well as the only one decorative wall or its selected part. Against the background of such walls, a gray sofa will look beautiful. Decorate the furniture with pillows in powder pink and gold, and the whole thing will look extremely chic.

Szampański świetnie komponuje się z szarością

Champagne goes well with gray

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Textiles in the shade of champagne

Champagne color on the wall is one thing, but how about a puffy rug in the same shade? The champagne hue will also look beautiful on decorative pillows or elegant bedding in the bedroom.

Szampański pięknie prezentuje się na tekstyliach

Champagne looks beautiful on textiles

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Champagne accessories

The champagne shade of gold looks beautiful in the form of lamps, both those hanging, for example, in the form of a chandelier, and those smaller ones placed on bedside tables. Also, champagne-colored tableware and cutlery will add elegance to your dining room. You can also move away from the use of champagne color in favor of decorations that refer to it.

Szampański odcień złota świetnie wygląda na lampach

Champagne shade of gold looks great on lamps

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