8 mistakes you can't make when choosing paint

30 of December '21

A new paint color can completely change the look of a room. Before you put the paintbrush to the wall, you need to choose the right paint. With so many colors, formulas and finishes, this can seem like a daunting task. With a few tips in mind, we will be better able to choose the perfect color. Let's explore some common mistakes to avoid when choosing paint for finishing a home interior.

1. not adapting to the current decor

When choosing a new paint color, let's pay attention to the overall color scheme of the room and the color of the furniture and decor that is in there. This process can help you choose a paint color that will match the existing furnishings. That way we won't be left with walls that color-wise don't match our favorite couch in any way. To make sure the paint matches, it's best to avoid testing samples in a completely empty room - leave some of the main furniture near the test area.

Odcienie farby mogą się różnić od próbek, gdy naniesiemy je już na ścianę

Paint shades may differ from the samples once we apply them to the wall

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2. not paying attention to paint shades

Wall paint is more than just a pretty color. Every paint color has a cool or warm shade. This becomes obvious when you look at the shades of white paint compared to a basic white sample. Some paints have a cool shade (blue, green or purple), while others have a warm shade (pink, beige or yellow). Let's consider which shade will suit our arrangement.

3. random choice of paint finish

Paintsheen or finish refers to how shiny the paint is and ranges from matte to high gloss. We should take this into account when choosing paint to match the style of the interior. When choosing a finish, also keep in mind that gloss can affect the durability of the paint. Higher gloss paints are more resistant to stains and scratches, and easier to clean.

4. not testing samples before buying

What looks great in the store may look completely different on the walls, so it's important to try the paint in your home. It's best to test it directly on the wall you intend to paint. If this is not possible, we can paint a white board or piece of board and hang it on the wall. However, this may render the color less accurately.

5. test samples too close together

Testing paint samples is a helpful way to narrow down the number of colors to choose from and compare paint types. However, placing the samples too close together can distract us and make it difficult to choose. Always try to leave some space between samples. In addition, it is usually best to test a large sample and on multiple walls. This method will allow you to evaluate how the paint looks in different lighting conditions in the room.

6. rush to make a decision

Even if you initially like a paint color very much, it's best to wait a few days before making a decision. The color can change under different lighting and atmospheric conditions. A sample may look different in daylight than in a room lit by a lamp. It will also differ on a sunny and cloudy day. It's best to view the paint in several different conditions, making sure that you will like the color from dawn to dusk and through all seasons.

Narzędzia są bardzo ważne przy każdej pracy remontowej

Tools are very important for any renovation job

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7. poor quality tools

The right tools are important for any renovation job, including painting. Poor-quality brushes and rollers may not provide the same performance as higher-end options. Low-quality tools can leave marks, blurring or streaks. Fixing these minor slip-ups can take more time and money, so investing in quality tools right away can help us save money.

8. too little paint

Save yourself a trip back to the paint store by buying enough paint the first time. An online paint calculator is an easy tool that helps you estimate how much paint you will need to paint the surface you are interested in. It is better to buy a little more paint, saving the excess for some unexpected accidents in the future. It is also a good idea to keep or write down the name of the paint used and the manufacturer. Without this, matching its shade later can become quite a challenge.

Elaboration: Dominika Tyrlik

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