Periwinkle - "charming dye" that steals hearts in 2022

07 of February '22

Selected by Pantone Institute experts, the color of the year 2022, "Very Peri " - or "periwinkle" - is a cross between cool blue and red. Symbolizing the merging of the digital and physical worlds, it reflects the mood resulting from the redefinition of the boundaries between the virtual and the real - after all, the pandemic has taught us to merge the two worlds in our professional and private lives. Sylwia Gulewicz - Wysocka, an architect at DOMAR Interior Gallery in Wroclaw, tells us how we will introduce Vera Peri into our interiors.

Calming shades add harmony to an interior, creating the perfect environment for work and leisure. In the case of Vera Peri, the shade is also meant to direct towards experimentation, creativity and cognitive curiosity, while encouraging self-reflection. It is a delicate but expressive color - reminding us that for our peace of mind, but also creative activity, it is necessary to maintain a balance between nature and technology. Despite the world rushing forward, it is worth stopping, looking around and marveling at the beauty of our surroundings.

Delicate hues of berries or energetic Periwinkle?

Very Peri is a color associated primarily with delicacy, berry dessert or petals of forest flowers. This unique h ue combines many elements, allowing for different interpretations and individual perception. According to Sylwia Gulewicz-Wysocka of the DOMAR Interior Gallery in Wroclaw, Very Peri is a rich shade that can complement any interior:

It is a combination of light blue with tones of red. It combines stability and energy, resulting in an unusual and interesting combination. Although we associate purple with a depressing color, Very Peri definitely deviates from this thought. It works completely differently because of the power of red, so we can introduce it in interiors - in the form of accessories, vases, but it can also appear boldly, for example, on the wall in the bathroom, where it will be a background for beautiful white ceramics. It will perfectly combine with black, with white, but also with grays, with all pastel shades, with powder pink, with mint, with sage, with different variants of beige and with wood. The potential of Very Peri is powerful, while it is a challenging color.

The inconspicuously delicate Very Peri adds energy to our interior. Brightening up the room, the 2022 color will fit into both a minimalist, subdued decor and a more colorful or pastel one.

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Very Peri - the perfect complement to the interior

Stimulating the imagination and inspiring the color periwinkle is a perfect complement to the interior. As the architect of DOMAR Interior Gallery points out, Very Peri will find itself better in accessories than in large formats. A berry vase, down comforter or elegant pillows in this color will contrast subdued beiges and whites, giving them delicacy and a breath of freshness.

Very Peri is not an easy color, so when introducing it into an interior, we automatically stimulate our imagination, creating arrangements in our mind and choosing matching colors for the selected room. An example is the bedroom, which is governed by its own rules. Since it is a personal, private space, just for us, as much as possible we can experiment here with Vera Peri. For example, let's combine it with powder pink or shades of green, preferably smoky, such as sage.

Creating a harmonious and personalized interior requires playing with colors. Combining soft periwinkle with pastels will highlight its energetic tones. On the other hand, crossed with blue, the red contained in Vera Peri will highlight its vividness when combined with cold gray or white, and juxtaposed with warm colors, the blue will give harmony and tranquility to the whole. The color, associated with mysticism and magic, will go well in a dark interior, surrounded by greens and beiges. Referring to nature, it will create an aura of calm and mystery, like in a forest glade full of berries.

What's too much is unhealthy!

The energetic character of Vera Peri in too many elements in the interior can become aggressive. The combination of a wall, bedspread and pillows in this color is definitely too much for the decor of one room. This is confirmed by the architect of the DOMAR Interior Gallery in Wroclaw:

One wall in the color of Vera Peri in the interior is completely enough! Of course, accessories or trinkets in this shade will enrich our arrangement as much as possible, but let's leave other elements in pastel tones. Periwinkle is energetic and strong, it will put us in an optimistic enough mood in such an edition.

Very Peri is a color made for interesting and unusual arrangements, both in a minimalist and elegant tone, as in a pastel, more cheerful decor. The delicate, but energetic color will catch our attention and give the interior a three-dimensionality, perfectly contrasting subdued rooms. This shade, associated with berry dessert or petals of forest flowers, can also be found in the furnishings available in the showrooms of many manufacturers in the DOMAR Interior Gallery, which will allow us to furnish functional and beautiful interiors - to suit 2022.

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