BULL624 TURBO and JIM.3ESATURBO - speed and security only with the Beninca brand.

15 of February '22

BENINCA presents BULL624TURBO with JIM.3TURBO actuator

BULL624TURBO with garage door operator JIM.3TURBO create the fastest and unique set for entry gates.

BULL624 TURBO - the fastest operator for sliding gates available on the Polish market.

BULL624 TURBO opens the gate 2 times faster than other actuators available on the Polish market. The opening time of a 4-meter gate equipped with BULLa624Turbo is 9 seconds, while a standard operator opens it in 23 seconds. The actuator's control panel has many useful functions, not available in competing products, such as: wicket - that is, partial opening of the gate, soft start and closing of the gate, closing the gate after crossing the line of photocells, thanks to which the user does not have to remember to close the gate after leaving the property, signaling about the status of the gate, counter of completed cycles and many others.




BULL624TURBO is all about maximum user safety. It is equipped with 2 safety systems: encoder and amperometric overload, protecting against crushing people, animals, objects in the door light. When encountering an obstacle, the actuator stops and reverses the movement of the gate.





The maximum speed of the JIM.3 ESA TURBO is 15.5 meters per minute. At the same time, it is the only one on the market with built-in ESA (BENINCA patent), which means it is an actuator in energy class A+. Power consumption at rest is 8 mA.
Speed and safety only with the Beninca brand.

For more information, visit the company 's BENINCA POLONIA Sp. z o.o. page on thePdD portal.
the entire range of TURBO actuators from Beninca. Details at beninca.co.uk

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