Siemens glass countertop extractor: practical functions, unique design

17 of February '22

Always fresh air in the kitchen space

Whether one spends long hours in the kitchen or rather chooses simple dishes to prepare in a flash, while cooking the space is filled with a lot of smells that can linger in the room for a long time. To ensure that the air in the kitchen is always fresh, you need a cooker hood, which has been a standard feature in many homes for years. Traditionally, it was mounted above the cooktop, while nowadays manufacturers also offer countertop hoods, such as the Siemens iQ700 model, which are not only practical, but also an aesthetic solution.

Wyciąg blatowy Simens

Simens countertop extractor

© Siemens

Cutting-edge technology framed by unusual design

Countertopexhaust hoods are a relatively new solution that allows you to save space and use equipment with the highest technological parameters. They can be integrated into the cooktop, be a separate piece of equipment permanently installed in the countertop, or be pulled out of the countertop only for vapor absorption. They are made of high-quality materials and components. Despite their small size, they have very high technical parameters - high absorption power and powerful motors. They are characterized by a refined, elegant design. They are ideal even in large rooms.

Inteligentne i estetyczne rozwiązanie dla Twojej kuchni

A smart and aesthetic solution for your kitchen

© Siemens

Siemens iQ700 - smart countertop extractor with Guided Air technology

The Siemens iQ700 glass countertop extract or is only visible when in use. It is 90 cm wide and blends perfectly into the cooking space, especially the kitchen island, and thanks to its flexible motor installation solutions, it allows better use of the space under the countertop. It works in open or closed circuit, thanks to the additional Clean Air Plus recirculation kit. It has a pull-out glass panel, and its edges are adapted for frameless installation at the cooktop to create a uniform surface effect. Guided Air technology creates an air curtain in front of the glass, which ensures that vapors are efficiently and quietly removed from each cooking zone - guaranteeing fresh air. The iQ700 is fully automatic and is connected to the cooktop thanks toCookConnect. The Wi-Fi enabled hood starts as soon as the cooking process begins on the cooktop. The ClimateControl sensor detects steam and unpleasant odors and precisely adjusts the exhaust power as needed, shutting off automatically when the fumes are removed. The unit allows electronic control from the hood itself or from the front from the corresponding cooktop.

For more information, visit the company 'sSIEMENS AG - Grupa BSH page on thePdD portal.

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