Feminine bathroom design

03 of October '23
w skrócie
  1. The owner and designer of the bathroom is Anna Koszela.
  2. The color base consists of beiges and chocolate browns.
  3. The bathroom ceramics have rounded shapes.
  4. The wallpaper with a motif of cranes attracts attention.
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      When a professional, with a whole spectrum of possibilities and a big knowledge, designs her own interior, she has to face herself. See how Architektka Wnętrz Anna Koszela dealt with this challenge.

      Wyposażenie ma obłe formy inspirowane naturalnymi kształtami Architektka zadbała o najmniejsze detale

      Furnishings have rounded forms inspired by natural shapes

      Photos: Yassen Hristov Styling: Aga Kurdziel © Geberit

      Fitting in with the surroundings

      The bathroom is part of an apartment located in Mokotów. Its design is consistent with the character of the modernist neighborhood. The owner, a designer and lover of beaux-arts, paid attention to every detail.

      - It was very important for me to capture the modernist spirit of Mokotów, to create a subjective, eclectic interior, stylistically consistent and fitting me — reveals architect Anna Koszela.

      Aranżacja łazienki jest niezwykle kobieca

      The arrangement of the bathroom is very feminine

      Photos: Yassen Hristov Styling: Aga Kurdziel © Geberit

      In a feminine style

      The bathroom decor is very feminine. The arrangement is distinguished by a sophisticated combination of a subtle color palette, curvaceous forms of furniture and equipment, and ornate details. Cozy beiges and chocolate browns create a delicate background for the furnishings, maintained in similar colors. Bathroom ceramics have rounded forms, inspired by irregular shapes straight from the natural world. The washbasin area also serves as a dressing table with illuminated, softly lined drawers. High cabinets provide ample storage space for essential accessories. Of course a large illuminated mirror could not be missing here.

      Umywalka pełni także rolę toaletki  Podłoga wyłożona jest różową marmurową posadzką

      The floor is lined with pink marble flooring

      Photos: Yassen Hristov Styling: Aga Kurdziel © Geberit

      Oriental accent

      However, the wallpaper with the motif of cranes attracts the most attention. In Japan, they symbolize luck, fidelity and longevity. Its delicate pattern and pastel hues fit in perfectly with the rest of the arrangement. The effect is accentuated, also by the pink of the marble floor, arranged in a modernist checkered pattern, as well as the fixtures and accessories in rose gold.

      Tapeta z motywem żurawi jest główną dekoracją wnętrza

      Wallpaper with a motif of cranes is the main decoration of the interior

      Photos: Yassen Hristov Styling: Aga Kurdziel © Geberit

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      Compiled by:KATARZYNA SZOSTAK

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