Living area and dining room filled with intriguing decorations

22 of September '23
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  1. Agnieszka Konieczna of the Ambience.Interior Design studio is the owner of the house and the author of its arrangment.
  2. An oval large table and gray upholstered chairs form the dining area.
  3. On the ceiling there is a wallpaper decorated with cranes pattern.
  4. The gray lounge area consists of a corner sofa and two swivel armchairs.
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The house, or more precisely half of a semi-detached house, is located in Wieliczka. It has an area of 125 square meters. Architect Agnieszka Konieczna of the Ambience. Interior Design studiobought it when it was shell and core. Then, she created a stylish arrangement filled with beautiful designs.

An interior full of individualism

White, black and coffee tones create the color base. The arrangement is very elegant and unusual. You can clearly see that it's the apartment of a person who loves interior design.

- The goal of the project was to create an interior in the modern classic style, which is at the same time maximmaly functionally adapted to our need. As an interior designer, I cared a lot about the visual layer. However, materials that could survive the craziness of two French bulldogs and comfortable, separate spaces for me and my husband to work from home were also important to me - says Agnieszka Konieczna.

W domu mieszkają dwa buldogi francuskie

Two French bulldogs also live in the house

Photo: Tom Kurek

Cozy area for spending time together

The dining area consists of a large oval table in dark walnut. Eight upholstered gray chairs are placed around it. Their seats are decorated with subtle stitching. Above the table hang long gold lamps with decorative white ball-shaped shades, which cast a soft, atmospheric light. The floor is lined with wooden panels in a French herringbone pattern. This is a bright element of the area, which adds to its lightness. Everything creates a unique composition, exuding style and sophistication.

Owalny duży stół i szare tapicerowane krzesła tworzą strefę jadalnianą

The dining area consists of an oval large table and gray upholstered chairs

Photo by Tom Kurek

Strong accent

However, the most intriguing element of this room is the crane motif wallpaper that adorns the ceiling. This is an unusual place to use such decoration, so the effect is even more impressive. The cladding refers to Japanese art, creating a unique atmosphere in the interior. The walls, on the other hand, are painted black and decorated with stucco. This is an interesting combination of deep, dark color and delicate decoration. The room is not dark, thanks to large glazing. The windows are decorated with long curtains and drapes, which warm up the interior.

Na suficie znajduje się tapeta w żurawie Nad stołem zawisły zdobne lampy

The ceiling is decorated by a wallpaper in cranes

Photo by Tom Kurek

Elegant relaxation

The dining space blends harmoniously with the lounge area, delineated by a gray carpet. There is an elegant gray lounge consisting of swivel armchairs with decorative quilting and a comfortable corner sofa. The focal point of this area is a coffee table with a black marble pattern.

Szary wypoczynek składa się z narożnej kanapy i dwóch foteli obrotowych

The gray lounge consists of a corner sofa and two swivel armchairs

Photo: Tom Kurek

Striking details

The walls in the lounge area are also decorated with stucco, however, they are painted white, which gives the room a light touch. The TV is located on the wall with delicate fluting. On the right, there is a decoration with a white marble pattern backlit with LED tape, which creates a striking focal point that illuminates the entire space. The hanging cabinet under the TV is also white. Its ornate handles in the shape of beetles are worth noting. This is undoubtedly an intriguing decorative flavor. To the left of the TV there are three long lamps, similar to those in the dining room, but with a much simpler form.

Ściana z tv ozdbiona jest ryflowaniem Szafka pod telewizorem ozdobiona jest uchwytami w kształcie chrabąszczy

The cabinet under the TV is decorated with handles in the shape of beetles

Photo: Tom Kurek

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