Furniture whose appearance we decide for ourselves. Check them out and build your own world

22 of November '22

Quick mornings, lazy evenings, weekends dedicated to entertaining - in a house full of people, the world changes in an instant. This makes us look for solutions that fit our rhythm of life. A sense of freedom and joy of variety will be provided by modular furniture, which will realize any arrangement idea.

Furniture the way you want it

In the offer of the VOX brand you will find solutions that allow you to furnish a space on your own terms. Deciding independently about the appearance of our interiors, we can feel even more "at home" in them. And this, in turn, is important for our comfort of staying in them. Now we also have an influence on the target shape of the furniture thanks to the Conffi upholstered furniture collection. In cooperation with VOX, it was designed by Marta Niemywska-Grynasz and Dawid Grynasz, designers and owners of Grynasz Studio.

This is how its designers talk about the genesis of the Conffi collection:

When designing the Conffi system, where the number of combinations and juxtapositions is virtually unlimited, we were guided by the idea of "open form". In this way, our furniture flexibly and empathetically meets the different needs of household members, who have an impact on the final shape of the furniture. In addition, we took into account the growing interest in online shopping, and thus also the size standards of courier shipments and their transportation. The size of the packages means that they will fit into small elevators or narrow staircases, for example. This makes our design even more accessible and can reach a wide range of users.

Kolekcja Conffi doskonale sprawdzi się w pomieszczeniach o dużym metrażu

The Conffi collection will be perfect for rooms of large size


Conffi are modules that adapt to the habits, needs and requirements of the householders. We can put them together and create our own - matching the current moment - arrangements. With the changing needs of the family, the chosen piece of furniture also changes.

Thanks to its modular design, the Conffi collection adapts to different metric possibilities of apartments and is easy to assemble and reorganize independently. The elements allow us to build both an armchair, a small sofa and a large composition designed for larger living rooms. We can "build" the sofa freely in terms of size and number of modules, as well as by using different armrests and accessories. In this way, we get a piece of furniture in a given style, matching the specific decor of the place," says Dawid Grynasz.

Meble modułowe Conffi to rozwiązanie dla każdej przestrzeni

Conffi modular furniture is a solution for any space


A universe of possibilities

Conffi modules can be placed in any interior to fulfill their function in it. All you have to do is choose the shape, the fabric and its color. In this way, two modules in bright fabric will become the kingdom of a small plush collector. In a teenager's room it will prove useful as an armchair for a friend while studying together. In the living room, on the other hand, three modules with slender armrests will provide comfort for resting and, if necessary, also comfortable accommodation for guests. Sleeping function is the key value of the Conffi collection, distinguishing it from other modular solutions.

The use of a sleeping function mechanism in a modular furniture was a major design challenge, both in terms of construction, functionality and ergonomics. I think this may be one of the reasons why this direction of thinking about a modular sofa is not yet popular among other manufacturers Together with the VOX team, however, we have developed innovative and pioneering solutions in this collection," says Marta Niemywska-Grynasz.

Dzięki funkcji spania przyjemność z przyjmowania gości może być jeszcze większa

Thanks to the sleeping function, the pleasure of hosting guests can be even greater


Comfort in every way

Conffi furniture has been designed in such a way that its assembly is quick and easy. Under each module you will find toothed crocodiles, thanks to which you will connect the individual elements together and create a piece of furniture that meets your current needs. Thus, in the event of a move, we will easily disassemble the whole thing and take it to the new apartment.

Modułowe meble Conffi dopasowują się do rytmu życia domowników

Conffi modular furniture adapts to the rhythm of the householder's life


Choosing your own configuration of furniture from the Conffi collection is a pleasure of combining and matching elements. There are different variants of armrests: wide or narrow with dabs, upholstered or in the form of a functional basket with a wooden top. We can also choose from four types of wooden legs or a set of metal legs. And a whole catalog of fabrics in many colors, patterns and with different properties is put in our hands.

Wrapped in softness

Fabrics - their touch and smell can awaken the senses, putting us in a pleasant state. Blissful softness or pleasantly teasing naturalness wrap us up, calm us down, provide a pleasant atmosphere and gratefully respond to our needs. And on top of that they endow interiors with colors. They play a special role in upholstered furniture - they give them appearance, character, define function and express our tastes.

Paleta tkanin stworzona dla mebli Conffi łączy w sobie piękno i trwałość

The fabric palette created for Conffi furniture combines beauty and durability


Creating a palette of fabrics for the Conffi collection, VOX designers and experts took care not only of their beauty and durability, but also of additional properties, thanks to which we can enjoy our furniture for many years. If we are happy owners of four-legged animals and allow them to relax together on the sofa, couch or armchair, it is worth choosing to cover our furniture with pet-friendly fabrics, such as Zoya, Naturama or Hamilton. Thanks to the increased resistance to pulling, the fabric will keep its beautiful appearance for longer. In turn, easy-clean fabrics, such as Angola, will be particularly suitable for homes teeming with children's energy. Care for furniture will be replaced by good fun, and stains will be easily cleaned with water alone.

Łączenie modułów to dobra zabawa – zarówno dla dorosłych, jak i dzieci

Combining modules is fun - for both adults and children


Today a sofa for two, tomorrow a base for children, and at the weekend a comfortable bed for guests. Conffi modular furniture is a variety of possibilities to meet the needs of every home and its inhabitants. We encourage you to get acquainted with the collection in VOX stores and on

For more information, visit the company's VOX page on the PdD portal.

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