A girl's room full of storage space

28 of July '23
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  1. Line.Projekt Studio is behind the project.
  2. The girl's room is part of a house with a loft in Warsaw's Bialoleka district.
  3. The interior is kept in white and pink.
  4. The main element of the arrangement is a bunk bed.
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The house with an attic of 266 m2 is located in Warsaw's Białołęka district. It was designed by Line.Projekt Studio for a family with two children. Earlier we have already looked at the arrangement of the master zone. Now we take a look at the children's room.

The advantage of this interior, was the good layout. As a result, the architects did not have to make big changes to create a separate space for each occupant. The bedrooms, for both parents and children, are located on the second floor. Each of them also has its own bathroom. The girl's room was decorated in light shades of white and beige with a touch of feminine pink. This gives it a fresh and charming look. The room is spacious, bright and exudes a cozy atmosphere. The white walls provide a great base for the rest of the subtle arrangement.

Pokój został urządzony w odcieniach bieli i różu

The room was decorated in shades of white and pink

© Line.Projekt Studio

The main element of the room is a charming bunk bed. A wooden staircase leads to its upper level, which was also used as storage space. The sleeping space has been protected with slats and netting so that the toddler is safe. However, pink upholstered panels placed in this area of the bed add to the coziness. Under the window, there is a soft pink seat. This is the perfect place for reading favorite books. The space was also used to create capacious drawers. Next to it is a bookcase for favorite toys. The second place where the girl can relax is a swing-shaped armchair.

Piętrowe łóżko to główny element aranżacji Schody zostały wykorzystane na miejsce do przechowywania

The bunk bed is the main element of the arrangement

© Line.Projekt Studio

A minimalist desk with wooden accents was placed next to it. Here the child can develop his creativity, draw, write and study. Above the desk is a shelf for small items and frames with graphics. Another piece of furniture for storage is a large closet that can accommodate clothes and any necessary accessories. There are open shelves between the white and pink sash, which is decorated with the number 3.

W pokoju znajduje się fotel-huśtawka

In the room there is a swing armchair

© Line.Projekt Studio

In the middle of the room a soft carpet was placed. It's a perfect place to play on the floor, put puzzles together or play with dolls. This room is a space full of dreams, creativity and joy that will inspire for years to come.

Duża szafa pomieści wszelkie potrzebne rzeczy

A large closet will accommodate all the things you need

© Line.Projekt Studio

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