The great comeback of the vitrines

14 of February '23

Vitrines are making a modern comeback in our homes. Their lightweight construction, varied glazing and atmospheric lighting make storage an interior decoration.

Witrynka w nowoczesnym wydaniu

A vitrine in a modern edition


Passion on view

Vitrine in modern edition can function both as part of a built-in or as a free-standing piece of furniture. It will be perfect for displaying glasses and designer accessories in the living room, dining room or kitchen. Especially in the latter case, it is an excellent way to break and enrich the minimalist built-in. Interesting effects are brought here by a variety of glazing. In addition to transparent panes, consider using semi-transparent textured or tinted glass. We also have a wide choice in sizes - from small to those reaching to the ceiling. A wall-hung display case will be a fantastic option for a collector. Thanks to it, valuable collections will be perfectly displayed at eye level. Such a piece of furniture can be created to size and personalized in terms of dimensions, construction finish, interior fittings and glass used.

 Garderoba to świetne miejsce na wyeksponowanie swojej kolekcji

Vitrine is a great place to expose your collection


Glass closet

A fully glazed free-standing closet will also look interesting. It will work well as a partition, for example, between the hall and the living room or between the bedroom and the private bathroom belonging to it. It will gently separate the two rooms and at the same time allow light to penetrate.

Przeszklona garderoba

Glazed vitrine


Glass cabinets, drawers, countertops

When we hear the word "vitrine", sizable closets and cabinets come to mind. However, this form can also have single drawers with glass fronts. They will be perfect for , among others, kitchen islands or dressing rooms. In the latter case, it is alsoworth betting on glass tops, thanks to which the collection of jewelry and accessories will be perfectly visible.

Toaletka z przeszkloną szufladą Przeszklona szuflada

Glazed drawers


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