NIBE heat pumps - the best solutions for retrofitted buildings

30 of June '23

The use of energy based on renewable energy sources is becoming an integral part of the current reality. Observed climate change is forcing the successive abandonment of fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy sources. Thermal modernization of homes and buildings is the most effective way to combat air pollution, and heat pumps are becoming the most common heat source of choice, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The main factors influencing the increasingly widespread choice of heat pumps are the attractiveness of heating costs, compared to other heat sources, and government support programs using this technology. Also extremely important is the diverse functionality of heat pumps, that is, the use of a single device for heating, domestic hot water preparation and space cooling. Not without significance is also the high comfort of operation - because the heat pump is a virtually maintenance-free system.

There is no denying that the interest in heat pumps in Poland is influenced, in addition to the increasing environmental awareness of Poles, by government subsidies, which largely apply to modernized houses. The leading government nationwide program of financial support for investments involving thermal modernization and replacement of the heat source in existing buildings is "Clean Air." The purchase and installation of a heat pump in a single-family home can also be deducted under the thermal modernization tax credit.

In many modernized buildings, the heat consumers are old radiators, which, in order to ensure thermal comfort in the room, require a high supply temperature. Since heat pumps work most effectively with low-temperature heating, when carrying out thermomodernization work, it is worth considering replacing the existing radiators with ones that will lower the operating parameters of the system or, if possible, use underfloor heating. The measures outlined will help reduce the operating costs of the heat pump.

Pompa ciepła NIBE S2125 w modernizowanym domu jednorodzinnym. Instalacja: EKO-SOLAR.

NIBE S2125 heat pump in a modernized single-family house. Installation: EKO-SOLAR.


Work in both new and retrofitted buildings requires many possibilities for configuring the heating system. The NIBE SPLIT air source heat pump with the new NIBE SHB indoor unit, dedicated to working with the NIBE AMS outdoor unit, will work great here . The two units are connected by a refrigerant-filled system. Control of the units is provided by a built-in NIBE SMO controller with a color display, which allows connection and control of the NIBE ERS recuperator, cooling system, NIBE PV installation and many other functions. For the production of domestic hot water, the system can be configured with a storage tank of the desired capacity, selected according to the size of the demand for hot water.The NIBE SHB indoor unit, due to its compact design and dimensions, is very suitable for retrofitted buildings, in small spaces where space for a boiler room is limited. In addition, built-in components ensure quick installation of the system, also reducing the risk of mistakes, making it a plug-and-play system for quick and easy installation.

In the event that the investor decides to leave the existing heat consumers operating at a high parameter, it is important to select the right heat pump, which will be able to provide the right amount of heat at the required operating parameters. The NIBE product catalog also includes suitable solutions to ensure optimal operation of the heating system in such a building.

The first of these is the NIBE S2125 high-temperature monoblock air source heat pump, which, through the R290 refrigerant used, reaches up to 75oCat the heating system feed. The pump represents a breakthrough in air-to-water heat pump technology, achieving a seasonal coefficient of performance (SCOP) at the same level as brine-to-water heat pumps. The NIBE S2125 can be combined with other heat sources, such as electric, oil and gas boilers - an important consideration when upgrading existing heating systems. To produce domestic hot water, the unit requires the connection of a hot water cylinder. (e.g., NIBE BA-ST 90XX-1FEDC), or a compact SHK 200M or NIBE VVM 225/310/500/S320 indoor air handling unit with a built-in controller.

Wysokotemperaturowa powietrzna pompa ciepła NIBE S2125

NIBE S2125 high-temperature air source heat pump


Another solution and alternative to air pumps, can be a wide range of NIBE ground source heat pumps, e.g. NIBE S1255, NIBE F1245 PC and others, which are able to provide high flow temperature up to 65oC. They are available as dual-function units with built-in domestic water tank and as single-function units - without tank. A wide range of accessories gives great opportunities to expand the functions of the system with a ground source heat pump beyond the basic ones, as well as to configure the system with additional heating devices. The aforementioned pumps will be an ideal solution in buildings where the investor does not want or has no possibility of replacing the existing heat receivers.

Pompa ciepła NIBE SPLIT z nową jednostką wewnętrzną NIBE SHB

NIBE SPLIT heat pump with new NIBE SHB indoor unit


Operating costs depend on many factors, including the model of the heat pump, the ambient temperature, the thermal comfort expected in the rooms, etc. The user of the heat pump also has an impact on the amount of electricity consumed. Both the indoor controller of the new NIBE SHB unit, as well as all other controllers in the NIBE range, have the ability to set an operating schedule that will allow you to control the indoor temperature at designated times to match the thermal comfort to the needs of the household.

Thermal modernization measures are an important step to reduce the heat demand of a building. Reducing heat loss can be achieved by replacing window and door frames and insulating the building envelope, including the floor on the ground, ceiling, walls and roof.

The Swedish company NIBE offers a variety of heat pump models that can be adapted to different central heating supply temperatures. This makes them a versatile solution for use in any retrofitted building.

For more information, visit the company's {tag:Manufacturer} page on the PdD portal.

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