5 ways to organize your interior in Hollywood Regency style

27 of April '23

How to arrange an interior in the Hollywood Regency style? What exactly is this style? We present 5 things that are necessary when creating such an interior.

Hollywood Regency - also called Modern Regency is a style inspired by the golden era of Hollywood, that is, the 1920s and 1950s. It was then that the heyday of cinema and art in the Dream Factory was taking place. Interiors in this style are created on the model of a movie setting. They are characterized by richness of form, bold colors and play with contrasts.

Uncompromising maximalism

Hollywood Regency style is a combination of bold colors, rich ornaments and a multitude of textures. Don't be afraid of juxtaposing different patterns. Combine animal and floral motifs. Mix different fabrics, especially fake fur, suede and silk. Velvet and satin are also ideal. Complete the look with shiny metal and glass details. As time goes on, add more stylish trinkets to the interior for a controlled glamour effect.

Zestawiaj różne tkaniny np. futro i satynę

Juxtapose different fabrics such as fur and satin

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Bold colors

Don't limit yourself in colors. Hollywood Regency style gives you complete freedom in this area. You can use both dark and light colors. It is important to create contrasts with them. A wall decorated with wallpaper in an eye-catching shade will also be a great solution.

Zestawiaj barwy na zasadzie kontrastu

Juxtapose colors by contrast

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Striking accessories

A Hollywood Regency style interior can't be short of eye-catching points. Furnish the interior with ornate details. Large mirrors in gold frames and impressive paintings and sculptures will work great. Also think about stucco. Place beautiful vases and golden jewelry boxes on the tables. Complete the look with bold textiles, such as a fur rug and pillows with pillowcases in animal motifs or colorful abstraction.

Dobierz złote dodatki

Match with gold accessories

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Unusual furniture

Opt for eclectic furniture reminiscent of the golden era of Hollywood. Small tables with mirrored surfaces and wooden chairs with a sculptural finish will work best.

Ażurowy złoty stolik sprawdzi się idealnie we wnętrzu w tym stylu Złoty zdobny stolik

A golden table will work perfectly in an interior in this style

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In the spotlight

Lighting is an extremely important element of the Hollywood Regency style interior. It is what emphasizes the elegant character and uniqueness of the arrangement. Lighting is designed to bring out the brilliance of lacquered and glass surfaces. Showy chandeliers, tall standing lamps and ornate table lamps will work best here.

Oświetlenie jest kluczowym elementem aranżacji wnętrza w stylu Hollywood Regency

Lighting is a key element of interior design in Hollywood Regency style

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