Lots of wood and beautiful garden view. House in Sopot

21 of August '23
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  1. The design of the house was created by Mateusz Piotrowski of Pracownia 2lf.
  2. The house is surrounded by greenery.
  3. The girl's room is inspired by her passion for tailoring.
  4. The tiles in the children's bathroom correspond with those on the terrace.
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The house designed by Mateusz Piotrowski of Pracownia 2lf is located on a plot in the post-war part of Sopot. The architect created a three-story house with a modern body and a gabled roof. Previously, a non-functional and unsuitable for expansion building from the communist period stood here.

Dialogue with nature

The biggest advantage of the site is the location of the plot among greenery. In the architectural design of the house, large windows were planned, making nature omnipresent in the interiors. The investors, a married couple with three children, were aware of their needs, so it was possible to precisely plan the space from a functional point of view. Work on the interior design from the beginning assumed full involvement of the owners, so that the space was friendly and in accordance with their vision and feelings. They wanted it to be decorated in a minimalist style with natural materials.

Wnętrze urządzone zostało w stylu minimalistycznym z użyciem naturalnych materiałów

The interior was decorated in a minimalist style with natural materials

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Light wood and natural colors

The open living area consists of a kitchen, dining room and living room. In the kitchen you will find a large peninsula with built-in shelves and bar chairs. This space is illuminated by two low-hanging lamps. The kitchen cabinetry is kept in two natural shades of light and dark wood. However, white marble appears above the countertop and on the peninsula. The dining area consists of a large table made of light wood and varied chairs. Some of them are decorated with Viennese plaid. The real ornament, however, are the large boho-style lamps.

W kuchni znajduje się pólwysep z marmurowym blatem

In the kitchen there is a peninsula with a marble top

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Clever storage

An important element of the living room is the bookcase, which fills the entire 3.75 m wide wall. The materials used for this piece of furniture are a juxtaposition of several elements of oak veneer - natural, stained and painted, which also appear consistently in the other rooms. Such play with colors makes the furniture, despite its size, not overwhelming, and even becomes an ornament of the interior. The bookcase is also designed with a wine storage area. The rest of the living room consists of a large corner sofa with a gray-colored goat-type fireplace. It is also worth noting a real gem. It is a table from the famous Singer sewing machine. This element adds a retro charm to the space. Through a large door we go out to the terrace and the impressive garden.

W salonie umieszczono kominek typu koza

A goat-type fireplace was placed in the living room

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Cozy bedroom

The bedroom arrangement is dominated by shades of gray. The headboard of the bed occupying the entire wall was covered with the same fabric that is on the bed frame. The floor was created from oiled oak floorboards. Just behind the bed, a closet closed with symmetrical glass doors in steel frames was created. The same door was used in the bathroom adjacent to the bedroom. This makes the whole look consistent.

Wezgłowie łóżka zostało pokryte tym samym materiałem, który pojawia się na łóżku

The headboard of the bed was covered with the same material that appears on the bed

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Impressive wall

The bathroom itself is subdued, but striking. Its most important element is the freestanding bathtub. The wall behind it was decorated with herringbone stoneware tiles in a graphite shade. The floor was tiled in the same color, but here they appear in a classic rectangular form. The whole is complemented by light-colored furniture and two streamlined washbasins.

Ściana za wanną została ozdobiona płytkami ułożonymi w jodełkę

The wall behind the bathtub was decorated with tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Tailored arrangment

The daughter's room reflects her fascination with fashion and tailoring. In the interior you will find a special showcase designed to display impressive headgear and a mannequin on which the girl can perfect her skills. Meanwhile, the wall behind the bed is covered with wallpaper in a black and white pepito pattern. The mirror cabinet is also worth a look. Its base is a beautiful, classic chest.

Pokój dziewczynki inspirowany jest jej pasją do krawiectwa

The girl's room is inspired by her passion for tailoring

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Ściana została ozdobiona tapetą w pepitkę

The wall was decorated with pepita wallpaper

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

Fancy pattern

The children's bathroom uses flooring that corresponds to the pattern that appears on the terrace. It also features light-colored furniture with black lines "cutting through" the cabinet, as well as two washbasins and mirrors. This allows more people to use the bathroom at the same time.

Płytki w łazience dla dzieci korespondują z tymi na tarasie

Tiles in the children's bathroom correspond with those on the terrace

Photo: Julia Michalczewska

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