Modernity combined with folklore. House near the Beskids

26 of February '24
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  1. The house was designed by Tomasz Słomka and Anna Kapinos, architects from TOKA + HOME studio.
  2. The building has an area of 275 sqm.
  3. Thanks to large glazing, residents can admire the mountain landscape.
  4. The house has three bathrooms.
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The 275-square-meter house, located in a charming village near the Beskids mountains, is inhabited by a family of five. The architects from TOKA + HOME studio subtly incorporated motifs emphasizing the uniqueness of the region into the modern interior.

Duże przeszklenia pozwalają podziwiać piękne otoczenie

Large glazings allow us to admire the beautiful surroundings

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

A place for everyone

Residents like to spend time together, but Tomasz Słomka and Anna Kapinos also made sure that each resident has a private space tailored to individual needs, interests and age. Thus, the first floor consists of an open living area, where you can relax together, watch favorite movie or play board games.

Architekci wkomponowali do wnętrza motywy folklorystyczne

The architects incorporated folklore motifs into the interior

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Dining among the greenery

The dining room extends up to two floors. It features a wooden table that can seat up to 10 people. Thanks to large glazed windows, the household members can admire the beautiful mountain scenery while dining. Nature is also brought into the interior by a decorative green wall, which marks the boundary between the kitchen and the dining room.

Dekoracją jadalni jest ogród wertykalny

Vertical garden is the decoration of the dining room

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Leisure with a view

The focal point of the living room is the corner sofa. Here, too, you will find large glass windows, as high as 7 meters. The view from behind the windows harmonizes with the design of the house. The strong connection of the interior with the environment is emphasized by the use of natural materials. Wood and stone are mixed here with folk motifs characteristic of the region. Among the latter, the most noteworthy are mandalas with highland ornaments burnt by a special method on a veneered wall.

W strefie wypoczynkowej znajdziemy dużą szarą sofę

In the lounge area you will find a large gray sofa

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Representative space

There are three bathrooms in the house and each of them has a different character. The guest bathroom is located on the first floor. It's interior is designed to impress. The dark color palette, which is the basis of the arrangement, has been broken with copper accents. Meanwhile, natural stone and carefully selected furnishings add an elegant touch.

Miedziane dodatki przełamują ciemną paletę barw

Copper accessories break the dark color palette

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Inspiration from the world of fashion

The children have their own bathroom, equipped with both a bathtub and a shower. The youthful character of the arrangement is emphasized by energetic yellow accessoriesa decorative radiator and an upholstered seat. However, it is worth noting the tiles that cover part of the walls. Tiles decorated with the pattern of the famous Burberry check, bring elegance to the interior.

W łazience dla dzieci znajduje się zarówno wanna, jak i prysznic

The children's bathroom has both a bathtub and a shower

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Część ścian została pokryta płytkami we wzór kraty Burberry

Part of the walls were covered with tiles in the Burberry check pattern

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

Living room style

The third, main bathroom, is part of the master bedroom. It is a place of tranquility and relaxation.

- The dominant motif here is American walnut veneer, which is used for the furniture with slanted-front cabinets and shelves under the washbasins — describe the architects from TOKA + HOME.

The decor of the bathroom refers to the arrangement of the bedroom. Thus, architects used a lot of wood and combined them with neutral grays in the form of stone wall coverings, evoking the mountainous landscape of the area. Black accessories add elegance and carefully selected lighting builds a living room atmosphere.

W głównej łazience architekci zastosowali fornir z orzecha amerykańskiego

In the main bathroom, the architects used American walnut veneer

Photo: Radosław Sobik © Geberit

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