A house near Poznań inspired by the 1970s.

03 of January '23

The house, located in Tarnowo Podgórne near Poznan, has been redesigned to fit the needs of a family of 3 who, living on the outskirts of the city, are looking for rest, tranquility and a casual space to spend family time.

Strefa dzienna

Living area

Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

The concept was inspired by the aesthetics and proportions of interior architecture of the 1970s. Conversations with investors about the open plan, the penetration of the garden's greenery into the interior, numerous glazings, as well as the 70s-style furniture found in the space, confirmed to the architects that it was around this direction that the new interior would be created.

Rzut architektoniczny

Architectural projection

Malgorzata Zbierska and Emilia Schudy of Monarchia Design focused on opening up the living area as much as possible, guaranteeing all users a lot of freedom of movement. By demolishing partition walls, the kitchen was enlarged and a spacious view towards both the living room and dining room was obtained. The house gained a spacious, open living area of 62 sqm, where all functions intermingle and correspond with the view of the greenery of the garden.



Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

The kitchens are equipped with a convenient, functional built-in in a wooden finish, routed to the full height and width of the wall. The monolithic wall of the carpentry development is separated by a sliding bar with glass shelves and internal lighting, which when opened adds decorative, elegant animation to the minimalist wall.

Zabudowa kuchenna

Kitchen built-in

Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

The living room and kitchen are separated by a partition in the form of an openwork structure with shelves for herbs or cookbooks. The kitchen island, also accessible from the dining room, integrates the interpenetrating functions with its form and central location. Its walls have been clad in marble, which flows seamlessly into the fireplace surround in the living room, giving it a horizontal composition. As a result, the material's drawing was beautifully exposed against the white background of the geometric casing that unites the two volumes. The intersecting volumes, the exposure of the marble slabs, and their horizontal arrangement are a direct reference to the architectural means of expression used by the modernists.

Wyspę kuchenną i kominek łączy marmur

The kitchen island and fireplace are connected by marble

Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

Wanting to emphasize this inspiration even more bluntly, the living space was complemented by the strong line of a spreading sofa, resting on steel skids with the characteristic detail of elongated, low backrests, and a long oak table along with the retrochairs found here.


Dining room

Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

The palette was kept in a calm, subdued color scheme. Greens, oak and subdued stone conglomerate have been enriched with noble materials such as marble with rich drawing and beading evoking the association of forest rooting. The whole is complemented by sublime steel details: brass elements in the lamp, handles of the kitchen cabinets, the inner walls of the illuminated bar or the kitchen cabinet bases.



Photo: Emilia Schudy, Malgorzata Zbierska, Pawel Lesiczka

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