We value interior design, but lack money for changes. How do Poles decorate their apartments?

22 of December '22

Previously, we looked at how Poles live Today we will look at data from the VOX report, which describes how we arrange our space.

 Stół to dla nas jeden z najważniejszych mebli

The table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for us

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How do we arrange our interiors?

Importantly, for the vast majority of us - 91% - interior design is important. We also like to look for inspiration. Most often - 67% - on sites dealing with interior design. At 46%, we look for interesting solutions in social media. When arranging interiors, we are primarily guided by functionality, a style in line with our taste and the quality of materials. The price of furnishings, the comfort of children, trends and the needs of pets came next. The most important furniture in the home according to Poles is a comfortable sofa and a table.




We want changes, but lack money

More than half of Poles would like to make minor improvements to their interiors, while one-fifthwould like to make big changes. Only 20% of people consider their four corners to be very comfortable. We would most like to make changes in our bathrooms, kitchens and living rooms. 6 in 10 people think about various modifications often or very often. However, it is easier for us to create a new idea for an interior than to realize it. Nearly 65% of Poles turn their dreams into reality rarely or very rarely, influenced by a number of factors, led by finances. Not surprisingly. According to calculations, a bathroom renovation will now be up to 120% more expensive than just a few years ago, in 2018. Compared to last year, tiles are 27% more expensive, the cost of finishing work is 23% more expensive, and construction tools have become 19% more expensive.

Większość z nas widzi potrzebę poprawek
Most of us see the need for improvements

You can read the entire report here


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