How to decorate the ceiling in an original way

29 of May '23

The ceiling is the part of the arrangement that is often ignored. Usually it is simply white and dull. Quite wrongly. As the fifth wall, it can be used to create an unusual arrangement, hide uneven surfaces or even change the proportions of the interior.

Sufit z cegłami

Ceiling with bricks

Photo Jeremiasz Nowak styling. Anna Bacik © MM Architekci

The power of color

Delicate beige or écru, spectacular pink or maybe intense and deep sea green? It can also be a dignified, elegant black or juicy red. You can paint it in one color that matches the shade of the walls. The ceiling can also be several tones lighter or darker, kept in the same tone as the walls or strongly contrasted with them. A colorful ceiling will add character to the interior and depending on the selected shade, it will subtly mark its presence or even become the focal point of the arrangement. This is exactly what happened in Mateusz Czeczko's project, where the red ceiling plays the main role.

Rudy sufit

Red ceiling

© Czeczko Design

In loft style

Concrete ceiling will be the perfect finish for an industrial interior. You will get it by using mineral plaster or leaving the ceiling raw. The more visible traces of planking the better. Afraid that the arrangement will be too "cold"? Put upholstered furniture in warm colors and it will immediately become cozier. Architect Hanna Pietras decided on such a solution in hers house.

Beton na suficie

Concrete on the ceiling

Photography and styling: Follow The Flow Studio

Suspended ceiling

Sometimes the ceiling is so uneven that no material can cover it or the interior is disproportionately high and thus not very cozy. Then a suspended ceiling comes to the rescue. It will hide all the imperfections and lighting connections and even out the proportions. You can run LED strips in it or hang an ornate chandelier in the middle.

Sufit podwieszany

Suspended ceiling


Classic coffers

In some historic interiors you can still find stucco. If you are not one of the lucky owners of such an interior, use coffers imitating plaster stucco. They are installed very easily and the effect is surprisingly similar to the original. You can also paint them in an interesting color.

Kaseton w formie rozety

Coffer in the form of a rosette

© Benjamin Moore

Natural inspiration

If the beams play a structural role in the interior, don't hide them. They will wonderfully accent a rustic, Provençal or Scandinavian style interior. You can paint them white, stain them dark or leave them in their natural color. Such visible roof rafters add warmth and a homely atmosphere.

Sufit z widocznymi belkami

Ceiling with visible beams

© Benjamin Moore

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