Detail matters. How to choose skirting boards?

09 of December '22

Skirting board is an inconspicuous element that affects the aesthetics of the entire room. So it is worth paying a little more attention to it, so that the effect of finishing the apartment is satisfactory to us.

Kontrastowe listwy tworzą ciekawy efekt

Contrasting strips create an interesting effect


Why do we need skirting boards?

Contrary to appearances, skirting board has many functions. Its primary task is to cover the expansion gap between the panels and the wall. In addition, it protects the walls from impacts, dirt and moisture. Some models can also mask cables. A properly selected molding also complements the character of the interior. When choosing a skirting board, it is worth taking into account such criteria as the material of manufacture, the color of the walls and the height of the placement of electrical outlets.

Listwy z PCV mogą być użyte w łazience

PVC skirting boards can be used in the bathroom


Durability and resistance

The floor is constantly exposed to dirt and mechanical damage. It is no different in the case of skirting boards. So it is worth thinking carefully about the choice of the material from which they will be made. On the market we have available products made of PVC, MDF, metal and aluminum. We should pay special attention to PVC moldings. This is a plastic material, which is distinguished by its high density. Slats made of polyvinyl chloride do not soak up moisture either from the room or emitted from the walls or floor.Thus, they are great for usein bathrooms and for installation in development apartments, where the walls still give off moisture for some time after handover.

Listwa chroni ścianę przed uderzeniami i wilgocią

The molding protects the wall from impacts and moisture



Before choosing the color of the moldings, consider whether you want the same color product to be used throughout the apartment, or whether you prefer to choose different shades depending on the room. The biggest choice you have is among moldings that match the wooden floor. You can also bet on a molding that corresponds with the color of the wall. This will make the whole harmonious. In small rooms, white skirting board models will be perfect, which, combined with a light wall, will optically enlarge the space. Increasingly, we are also opting for colored moldings. Black will be a great contrast to a colorful wall or colorful furniture. Original anthracite or gray, on the other hand, will work perfectly in modern interiors with floors imitating concrete.

Białe listwy optycznie powiększają przestrzeń

White slats optically enlarge the space


Size and finish

The key to a good interior design is details. So it's worth betting on finishing accessories dedicated to skirting boards, which improve installation and make the whole look consistent. A dedicated cap allows you to aesthetically finish the moldings, guarantees a perfect match to their shape and color, as well as hiding structural elements. The height of the molding is also of great importance. It should match the distribution of electrical outlets and the size of the various interior components. The larger ones allow you to hide electrical wires.

Akcesoria wykończeniowe

Finishing accessories

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