Interior in a grandma's style

18 of August '23
w skrócie
  1. The interior design was created by architects from emwe architecture studio.
  2. The interior was designed to maintain a retro style.
  3. A characteristic element of this space is the checkerboard floor.
  4. Subway tiles appear in the kitchen and shower area.
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The warm rays of the sun streaming into the interior, the creaking wooden floor and the greenery outside the window seeping into the apartment. These are the first impressions after seeing the arrangement in Biskupin, Wrocław. The architects from emwe studio architektury had no doubt that the focus in this project should be on subtly emphasizing the special character of this space.

Piec kaflowy podkreśla klimat retro Drewniana podłoga kształtuje charakter wnętrza

The tiled stove emphasizes the retro atmosphere

Photo: ZASOBY studio

The apartment is 61 sqm in size. The interior design included renovation of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as refreshing three bedrooms and the entrance hall with minimal interference with the existing functional layout. The interior was to be maintained in a "grandmotherly" atmosphere with a modern view of architecture.

Drewniane meble dodają sypialni sielskiego uroku

Wooden furniture adds idyllic charm to the bedroom

Photo: ZASOBY studio

Kitchen with a bold accent

An element that immediately catches the eye is the floor with a black and white checkerboard pattern. Such a distinctive finish was toned down with simple furniture built-ins in a delicate sage color and a white countertop. The area just above it was covered with subway tiles. The contrast between the white tiles and black grout is an obvious reference to the pattern on the floor. The massive sink with a silver faucet is worth noting. Located under the window, it allows you to admire the greenery while doing household chores. The interior has been enriched with vintage accessories in the form of gold thin furniture handles and a wall lamp. The room is large, but narrow, so only on the other side of the kitchen there is room for a capacious white closet, a table in the same color and two retro-style chairs. This small dining area is illuminated by a distinctive lamp on a long cable.

Ściana nad blatem została wyłożona płytkami w stylu metro Uwagę przykuwa podłoga w szachownicę

The wall above the countertop was lined with metro-style tiles

Photo: ZASOBY studio

In a retro climate

The bathroom refers to the arrangement of the kitchen. It features the same floor, however in this room the green is much darker. In the bath area, subway tiles appear again. In order not to overwhelm the small space, a walk-in shower with a glass wall is used here. The simple washbasin gains charm from its placement on an open metal rack.

Strefa prysznica została wyłożona zielonymi kafelkami Umywalkę umieszczono na otwartym stelażu

The shower area is lined with green tiles

Photo: ZASOBY studio

Soothing space

A subdued color scheme with elements of saturated pastel hues and left over wooden leached floors are elements that shape the architecture of this interior. The bedroom has a bit of idyllic charm thanks to the use of simple wooden furniture. The living room, on the other hand, takes us back to the past thanks to the presence of a tiled stove and an arrangement filled with natural colors and materials.

Salon wypełniony jest naturalnymi kolorami

The living room is filled with natural colors

Photo: ZASOBY studio

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