Interior inspired by Norwegian winter

06 of October '23
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  1. The author of the project is Grzegorz Kłoda of GK- Atelier.
  2. The apartment belongs to a Polish family that lives in Norway.
  3. The color palette is based on earth and snow colors.
  4. The living space of the apartment is filled with white color and oak wood.
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      The apartment designed by Grzegorz Kłoda of GK- Atelier belongs to a Polish family with two children, who live in Norway. The investors have been working and living in the country for years and sincerely love it. They especially appreciate Norwegian nature, especially during winter.

      Aranżacja mieszkania miała być minimalistyczna, lecz przytulna

      The arrangement of the apartment was supposed to be minimalist, but cozy

      © GK-Atelier

      A substitute for the northern landscape

      The apartment, located in Lublin, is used by the investors during their trips to Poland. The interior was supposed to be very bright with lots of lighting. However, the investors categorically did not want chandeliers. The family wanted the arrangement to be minimalist, but not too sterile. The apartment had to have a cozy home-like atmosphere. The color palette is based on earth and snow colors, from white to black, and complemented by elements of light, fresh-cut wood.

      Rzut mieszkania

      Plan of the apartment

      © GK-Atelier

      Fresh colors

      The apartment's living space is dominated by white color and oak wood. A large amount of diverse lighting makes it possible to model the climate of the interior, adjusting it to the mood and the occasion. The whole arrangment is sprinkled with elements of beige in the form of a sofa and curtains, as well as a table and a rug introducing an earthiness. Traces of black can be found in details such as hockers and track lighting.

      W aranżacji dominuje połączenie bieli z jasnym drewnem

      The arrangement is dominated by a combination of white and light wood

      © GK-Atelier

      Like in a Norwegian forest

      An interesting element is the decoration behind the sofa in the living room. As an inspiration for it, the investors presented a photo of a snowy forest, in which the rays of the setting sun pierce through the rhythmically growing trees. These wooden vertical laths interspersed with LED lighting are a metaphor for this image.

      Dekoracja za kanapą nawiązuje do norweskiego lasu Lamele przeplatane są oświetleniem LED-owym

      The decoration behind the sofa alludes to the Norwegian forest

      © GK-Atelier

      In good light

      In the kitchen, as in the bathroom, the main goal was to achieve maximum functionality. White stretch ceilings were used in both areas. These diffuse light and mimic the sun's rays. The entire kitchen design was also kept in a combination of white and light wood. As a result, the arrangement is consistent and the kitchenette gently transitions into the living area.

      W kuchni zamontowano napinany sufit Zabudowa kuchenna to połączenie bieli i dębowego drewna

      A stretch ceiling was installed in the kitchen

      © GK-Atelier

      Natural references

      The bathroom arrangement is dominated by earthy colors, gray and black details. On the walls you will find microcement, which investors appreciate for its practicality, texture and minimalistic appearance. This material was used as a reference to natural stones.

      Ściany łazienki zostały pokryte mikrocementem Mikrocement nawiązuje do naturalnych kamieni

      The walls of the bathroom were covered with microcement

      © GK-Atelier

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      Compiled by:KATARZYNA SZOSTAK

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