An interior that combines wood, white and terrazzo

07 of July '22

Is it possible to combine terrazzo, white, wood and the Baltic Sea? Yes, indeed! Justyna Hys of J Creative Studio faced such a challenge.

The apartment is located in Gdynia. It is located in an old tenement, whose history dates back to 1937. Such a unique building carries additional advantages such as a high ceiling and windows - always giving plenty of light.

The apartment decided on three dominant elements: grays and whites on the walls, wooden elements and exceptionally colorful terrazzo. Immediately after the entrance there was also a built-in wooden wall separating some of the rooms.

Przedpokój Salon

Hallway and living room

© J Creative Studio

The built-in using Wisconsin Walnut gives the impression of an independent, geometric element inserted into the apartment. As a focal point, it is not only a modern accent, but also warms up the entire space," Justyna Hys emphasizes.

In the living room, a gray sofa was placed in the center, next to which was a unique coffee table in the form of a cuboid made of black marble decorated with white veins. When it came to furniture choices, the focus was on minimalism and casualness. Surfboards between the rooms draw attention to themselves.


Living room

© J Creative Studio


In the kitchen, the aforementioned terrazzo can be found on the floor. This is a unique solution that gives a modern and interesting character to this space. The overall character is also added by the fronts of the kitchen cabinets made of wood. The walls are further dominated by soft white. Additions have been limited here, although they are visible. The doors in the kitchen have been painted white, making them blend in with the immediate surroundings.



© J Creative Studio

developed by Wiktor Bochenek

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