Interior in juicy colors

19 of January '23

Mango-colored doors were the starting point for the design of a single-family house in the suburban town of Marki, where a family with two children lived. Although the house is mainly maintained in neutral shades, the skillful introduction of tropical accents here introduces the atmosphere of eternal vacations.

Wnętrze projektu Katarzyny Sosińskiej

Interior design by Katarzyna Sosińska

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors

Inspired by summer nature

As the author of the interior concept, Katarzyna Sosińska of Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors admits, the clients' decision to choose the doors from the beginning testified to their great openness and courage, which directly translated into the final shape of the interiors brimming with colors and positive energy. In the light-filled space, the cheering color palette worked perfectly. The interior is full of natural colors and a variety of textures, playfully broken with unobvious decorative elements, such as a mango-colored door, a red staircase balustrade, orange-colored mirror finishes in the form of steel frames or a striking orange-colored openwork bookcase, separating the kitchen and giving character to the entire interior.

Żółte drzwi były podstawą aranżacji

Yellow doors were the basis of the arrangement

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors

Astylish mishmash

The interior, with its characteristic arches and curves of the furniture and walls, combines the style of the 1990s with colorful, eclectic boho. The space has been broken with industrial elements in the form of concrete. The one on the floors is polished, while its raw version with clearly imprinted wood patterns can be found on the pillars. From the threshold the apartment greets us with unobvious solutions. The first of these is a rattan swing. Another, stretching from the entrance all the way to the living room, is a wall veneered with American walnut and finished with LED backlighting. The use of such a solution warms and enhances the natural wood grain, stretching vertically along the two-story living room space.

Przy jadalni udało się stworzyć kącik kawowy

By the dining room it was possible to create a coffee corner

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors

Living room

The living room is dominated by natural light, coming in through the two-story glazing. The TV wall in the room was finished with decoratively cut stoneware tiles. An olive sofa was placed between the TV wall and a built-in fireplace made of rust imitation tiles.

Salon z oliwkową sofą

Living room with olive sofa

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors


In the kitchen, the designer opted for a combination of American walnut veneered fronts and MDF, in a shade of warm green. Meanwhile, the dining room features a table of the author's design made of glued ash wood and colorful chairs. Next to the dining room, space has been set aside for a small coffee corner with a suspended dresser made of black stained oak wood.

W kuchni znajdziemy połączenie orzecha amerykańskiego i ciepłej zieleni

In the kitchen you will find a combination of American walnut and warm green

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors


After changing the functional layout of the first floor, Katarzyna Sosińska managed to get an additional bathroom. In the bathing area, the main motif is the colorful 3D effect tiles, which through their pastel shades and vintage hues, give warmth to the interior. Breaking the subdued shades of the bathroom are the orange elements of the contours of the mirrors and bathroom faucets.

Stonowane odcienie łazienki zostały przełamane pomarańczowymi elementami

Subdued shades of the bathroom are broken by orange elements

© Katarzyna Sosińska Interiors

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