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01 of February '22

The IQ Sun Med lamp from Lena Lighting, which emits light with an intensity close to the parameters of the sun's rays, is conducive to improving the mood, balance and performance of the human body. According to scientists, light has a strong therapeutic effect. By affecting the regulation of a person's natural biorhythm, it can prove helpful in the treatment and prevention of many ailments.

Lampa IQ Sun Med, emituje światło o natężeniu zbliżonym do parametrów promieni słonecznych

The IQ Sun Med lamp, emits light with an intensity close to the parameters of the sun's rays

© Lena Lighting S.A

Light deficiency

Winter is a period when we face insufficient access to sunlight. The lack of natural light is particularly acute for our health and well-being. The sun 's rays have a positive effect on the functioning of the entire body, strengthening the immune system, stimulating the metabolism or supporting the hormonal balance. Systematic exposure to sunlight activates mechanisms that, among other things, accelerate blood flow, soothe the nervous system, regulate sleep and even sugar levels.

Modern technology

Supporting the body can be phototherapy with lamps that emit light with an intensity close to natural light, such as the IQ Sun Med from Lena Lighting. This lamp provides light therapy from 6000 lux with an exposure time of 30 minutes from a distance of 50 cm. Infinitely adjustable light control allows you to set multiples of these sessions in as many as 10 light levels. These modes can be adjusted according to the user's needs. The model also comes in a PRO version, which has additional functions for waking up and falling asleep with the light. In this option, we also have the ability to set the device's operating time and monitor the therapy period, which is also helped by an intuitive LCD display. IQ Sun Med is a freestanding lamp, with a classic shape, which uses energy-saving LED technology. Its minimalist design makes it fit into any space, becoming a subtle fixture.

Lampa reguluje naturalny biorytm człowieka i może okazać się pomocna w leczeniu oraz zapobieganiu wielu dolegliwościom

The lamp regulates a person's natural biorhythm and can prove helpful in the treatment and prevention of many ailments

© Lena Lighting S.A

Light has been used in medicine for many years to treat and prevent many ailments. A number of studies have been conducted that prove the salutary effect of light in the fight against various disorders. IQ Sun Med effectively supports primary therapy or drug treatment. We can use it anywhere and at any time. During the therapy we can do other activities - such as reading or watching TV. It is only important that we keep our eyes open during the session. This will make the therapy more effective. Why? Because it is through the retina that the most rays go, which stimulate the cerebral cortex and lead to the production of hormones or enzymes. We can use irradiation on a daily basis, and it is especially advisable in our latitude, where the days in autumn and winter are short and few sun rays reach us. To prevent disruption of biological rhythms, it is worth opting for "body illumination" such as IQ Sun Med. It will work perfectly here.

- says Piotr Janiga Director of the Medical Department

The beneficial effects of light on the condition of the human body have been known since ancient times. The first Light Institute was founded in 1898 by the father of phototherapy, Dane Niels Ryberg Finsen, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1903 for his achievements. Light therapy can be particularly helpful for, among other things: autumn and winter depression, poor mood, sleep or concentration disorders. Phototherapy is also recommended for women who have given birth, people who want to improve their bodily performance, those doing intellectual work, studying or changing time zones. The length, intensity and frequency of exposure depends on individual needs. Optimal adjustment of a therapy session is often a trial and error method. It is important to remember that the conditions of irradiation should be determined on an individual basis and preferably should be consulted with a specialist.

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