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29 of August '22

Nonchalant, but cozy and with reference to nature. This is how to describe the boho style apartment in a nutshell. This style gives a lot of freedom in the arrangement, but is based mainly on organic materials and earthy colors. What choice of lampshade to emphasize the character of such an interior?

Lampa w stylu boho Lampy w stylu boho

Boho style lamps

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Boho - natural freedom

Boho, or the style of the 19th century French artistic bohemia. This group particularly valued extravagance and freedom in self-expression, and thus getting closer to nature. Thus, characteristic of this trend is the free combination of designs from different periods, but also different cultures.

This loose eclecticism can take a folk or more exotic form, draw inspiration directly from Morocco or Far Eastern cultures, or be fascinated by elements typical of Scandinavian style. Courage in their juxtaposition is, of course, welcome, although it should be remembered that creating a coherent interior from them can prove to be quite a challenge.

Lampy w stylu boho

Fine lamps in boho style

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Light and fine lamps

Lighting in boho style can perfectly emphasize our desire to be close to nature. Organic forms of lampshades and appropriate materials will fit perfectly here. So we can use those made of wood, wicker or rattan, but also fine ceramic bowls. It is important that the models do not look too clumsy.

Lampy w stylu boho Lampy w stylu boho

Rattan lampshades in boho style

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Openwork lampshades

Lampshades made of wooden planks can be connected in the most diverse ways and present the most modern design. If space is left between them, the light of the bulb will appear in the room in the form of an openwork pattern. Also, a wooden slat can be the backbone of stylish bare bulbs.

Lampshades made of wicker, rattan or various types of grass will present a variety of weaves. Some more compact, others free-flowing or even deliberately understated. Each will emphasize, or balance, the style of our interior.

Lampa w stylu boho

Openwork bulb cover made of string

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Like macramé

One of the more commonly used materials for creating a cover is cord. A rather thick rope braided like macramé in the shape of a cone, or a diamond, can be an addition to a subdued room decorated in a more austere style. Cables entwined with natural materials, with safety precautions of course, will look much more aesthetically pleasing.

Bag instead of lampshade

Lighting for boho style interiors can also benefit from a variety of fabrics. They are easy to form into interesting shapes, and also offer great color possibilities. They will work well with both pendant and standing lamps, and as covers for small table lighting.

The materials can have interesting patterns and motifs. If we make them with our own hands, painting with paints, embroidering or gluing elements designed by us onto them, they will surely delight our guests.

We may also want the lamp to draw no special attention, but only to be an aesthetic complement to the arrangement. In that case, a light lampshade, in shades of gray, beige or white, will work.

Lampa w stylu boho Lampa w stylu boho

It is worth paying attention to the choice of light bulbs, both their design and the color of the light emitted

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Stylish bulb

To make the lamp fully interesting, it is worth taking care of its heart - the bulb. A wide range of models will allow us to choose not only the color of light, but also the appropriate form of the bulb. The most universal will be to choose a natural tone of light that does not tire the eyes and is close to daylight. For boho-style lighting, you should also consider slightly darker, slightly yellow or orange bulbs. They will add to the atmospheric mood and harmonize with wicker accessories.

Romantic candles

In boho style, electric lighting should not be the only one. Candles and lanterns will also add a touch of romance. They will become an excellent decoration and bring to mind relaxing moments spent by the fireplace. Their wide range of colors and fragrances will fill the interior, enveloping every sense.

Elaboration: Liwia Sus

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