Living area of an apartment for an art lover

01 of March '24

Previously, we have already looked at the dressing room and hallway of the Poznań interior. Today we present an arrangement of the living room and kitchen designed by AMJ studio.

Otwarta strefa dzienna składa się z jadalni, aneksu kuchennego i salonu

The open living area consists of a dining room, a kitchenette and a living room

Photo: AMJ Studio

Painterly inspirations

The main idea of the project was to combine art with functionality. Kamil Paszek and Adam Jankowski were inspired by the paintings of Polish architect Aleksander Kobzdej. A subdued color palette is combined with a composition based on geometric forms. The apartment displays both paintings on canvases and a sculpture by the well-known Poznań artist Andrzej Żurek.

W aneksie kuchennym architekci zastosowali połączenie bieli i ciemnej szarości

In the kitchen annex, the architects used a combination of white and dark gray

Photo: AMJ Studio

The heart of the house

The functional layout of the interior was created based on the investor's specified requirements. The essence of the project was to achieve a light and spacious interior. The main part of the living area is formed by the dining space. A round table made of dark wood was complemented by four chairs with streamlined backs. Dominant status is emphasized by a light fixture suspended centrally above the table. The famous lamp in the form of a hat adds a designer touch to the interior. On the wall next to it, the architects hung a round mirror. The panel reflects the ornate lamp, creating an interesting visual effect.

Centralnym punktem części dziennej jest jadalnia Zastosowanie lustra zapewnia ciekawy efekt wizualny

The use of a mirror provides an interesting visual effect

Photo: AMJ Studio

Open layout

The kitchenette and living room create a cohesive space. The architects used a wide range of complementary colors here. The purity of forms and compositional layout were as important to the designers as ergonomics and usability. The kitchen arrangement is based on a combination of white and dark gray. The first color can be found in the form of a simple kitchen design. Graphite, on the other hand, appears in the form of side cabinets. Such a contrasting combination was also used on the floor. Thanks to this, functional zones have been delineated in a subtle way, however the living area still remains open and spacious. The living room consists of a comfortable gray sofa and a minimalist coffee table, as well as a work area. From both of these places you can enjoy the view outside the window. This is because the lounge area was arranged right next to the large windows and the exit to the balcony.

Inwestorka jest miłośniczką sztuki W części dziennej znalazło się także miejsce na kącik do pracy

In the living area there was also room for a work space

Photo: AMJ Studio

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