Luxury bathroom design

14 of December '23

Previously, we have already presented the living area, the kitchen and the private area of the interior in the modern classic styleToday we are looking at the arrangement of one of the bathrooms in the house of Agnieszka Konieczna, an architect from the Ambience.Interior Design.

Shower full of glamour

The shower area was clearly delineated with black tiles imitating marble. Inside we can find a linear drain and a concealed rack. Thanks to this, everything looks elegant and uniform. The shower closes with a pane of tinted glass, which was custom-made. A gold faucet adds elegance, while illuminated shelves created in the wall provide a practical place to store cosmetics and bath accessories. The architect also used LED tape to illuminate the step leading to the shower. This is a stylish and functional solution that brightens the space and ensures safety.

Podświetlane półki na kosmetyki to praktyczne i stylowe rozwiązanie

Illuminated shelves for cosmetics are a practical and stylish solution

Photo: Tom Kurek

Cohesive arrangement

The floor was covered with large-format tiles in taupe color. They can also be found on the countertop with sinks. Underneath it, there is a capacious black cabinet, also created to order. Gold faucets over the sinks and large, oblong mirrors with illuminated frames add to the glamour. Lamps on long cables with round textured glass shades and gold accents add a unique touch to the interior. Sockets and switches in black blend perfectly into the wall, providing functionality without disturbing the aesthetics. The taupe color can also be found on the suspended toilet with an unusual gold flush.

Lampy ze złotymi elementami dodają elegancji Blat z umywalkami został wykonany z tych samych płytek, którymi wyłożono podłogę

The countertop with sinks is made of the same tiles that were used to cover the floor

Photo: Tom Kurek

Colorful division

The zoning was also emphasized by the use of decorative tiles. They can be found on the wall behind the sinks and the area opposite it between the shower and toilet. This space was used for a small stool on which bathroom accessories can be placed. white section of the wall with decorative stucco brings a stylish contrast to the interior, balancing the darker elements of the arrangement and giving the space an optical lightness.

Dekoracyjne płytki wyznaczają strefy Sztukateria pojawia się w całym domu

Decorative tiles delineate the zones

Photo: Tom Kurek

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