A marriage of trends and toning

08 of December '22

The apartment for two is located in a newly built high-rise building. The investors, who entrusted the project to the architects from the Rychtownia studio, wanted an interior that takes into account trends, however maintains timeless elegance.


Living room

© Rychtownia

Functional division

The 50-square-meter apartment consists of a common, open living area and a private part, located in another part of the apartment. Thanks to this functional arrangement, investors have both a space for common activities and their own private, secluded zone. The use of a few dominant materials and extraordinary attention to detail allowed us to create a design that is ideally suited to the needs of the homeowners.



© Rychtownia

A mixture of styles

The interior was decorated in a modern style with a touch of industrial elements. The owners wanted to create an elegant, but at the same time cozy space, far from catalog interiors. So the designers chose a subdued color scheme, a combination of white with black accessories and several shades of gray. In the apartment you will find a wide cross-section of shades from leaden white to a dark close to black, anthracite. Among the materials used, wood and concrete dominate.



© Rychtownia

A play of colors

The kitchen and dining room form one room. The boundaries of the kitchen area are marked by an island. Simple carpentry forms were contrasted with comfortable upholstered furniture and pleasant light. The grayness of the living room is broken by sunny accents in the form of curtains, and matching yellow pillows warm up the interior. The decoration of the room became a custom-made clock in a steel frame. In the bathroom, a wall with 3D tiles catches the eye, while in the bedroom a color accent in the form of dark turquoise makes the interior more mysterious and original.



© Rychtownia

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