Matte black and handles covered with 24k gold. Apartment designed for a young man

13 of November '23
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  1. The 82-square-meter apartment belongs to a young man.
  2. The interior design was created by Monika Ordysińska, Katarzyna Fotek and Kinga Bartoszyk of the Decoroom studio.
  3. The entrance area was separated from the kitchen and lounge space by an openwork staircase to the attic.
  4. Gold decorative handles appear throughout the apartment.
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Black is a classically elegant but challenging color. How to create an interior design based on black that is not overwhelming? Check out how architects from the Decoroom studio tackled this task.

Many faces of black

The interior is dominated by dark tones, broken by wood and gold accents. The investor wanted black to be the base of the arrangement. The project was handled by architects Monika Ordysińska, Katarzyna Fotek and Kinga Bartoszyk from the Decoroom studio .

- While using black in interiors, we can't play with its shades, because the color black simply does not have them. Instead, we can play with such components as matte, gloss or satin when it comes to the type of surface finish, or use a varied texture of materials. This is what I did in this case - says architect Monika Ordysińska.

Uchwyty meblowe zostały pokryte złotem

The furniture handles were covered with gold

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

Visual division

The entrance area was separated from the kitchen and lounge space by an openwork staircase to the attic. The combination of a wooden floor laid in a French herringbone pattern with decorative wallpaper introduces a touch of classics to the modern interior.

The black built-ins with matte finish fronts were created by Decoroom carpentry. Made to measure, they take into account the individual needs of the householder. Attention is drawn to decorative details in the form of gold furniture handles in the shape of bumblebees, organic forms and leaves or designer lamps. Everything creates an elegant background for the simple in form designer corner sofa in a warm but subdued shade of brown.

Głównym punktem strefy wypoczynkowej jest narożna sofa w kolorze ciepłego brązu

The focal point of the lounge area is the corner sofa in warm brown

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

Unusual use of gold

The kitchen also forms an integral part of the living area. It has been visually separated from the rest of the room by the use of hexagonal tiles on the floor and an island, which is part of the kitchen carpentry. Attention is drawn to the tiles placed in the area above the countertop. Their varied texture breaks the classically elegant character of gold. The finishing touch to the closing part of the kitchen island is decorated with fluted fronts and milled handles with a recessed gold-colored strip. Evrything is crowned with a granite countertop. It's natural grain brings out the designer lighting.

Ściana nad blatem został wyłożona złotymi kafelkami o nieregularnej strukturze

The wall above the countertop is lined with gold tiles with an irregular structure.

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

Precious details

The already mentioned staircase leads to the attic of this 82-square-meter apartment, where the young owner's private zone has been arranged. In the bedroom, located under the bevels, there is an upholstered bed with a style and color scheme referring to the sofa in the living room. Just like the herringbone floor and decorative wallpaper. A custom-made closet with mirrored fronts was also created here, which further optically enlarges the space. Opposite the bed stood a custom-designed console with decorative fluting and a natural stone top. It's drawers are decorated with handles in the shape of bumblebees plated in 24k gold.

Sypialnia znajduje się na poddaszu

The bedroom is located in the attic

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

Closet full of style

The dressing room also deserves attention. It was designed according to the investor's guidelines and intended to accommodate and expose his extensive collection of designer clothes and shoes. Laminated board with an original texture was used to build it. In addition, the architects proposed mirrors on the wall and decorative panels, into which brass moldings were incorporated. The decoration is provided by handles in the form of insects, which appeared early on. This time in a larger size and fulfilling the role of hangers. They were matched with original lamps - luminous birds. The whole arrangement is complemented by a practical, two-sided swivel mirror in a frame.

Funkcjonalna garderobę jest miejscem na wyeskponowanie kolekcji

A functional closet is a place to expose the collection

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

Cozy minimalism

The modern bathroom has been warmed with wood in the same color as the floors in the other rooms. It also appears on the fronts of the built-in units decorated with handles in the shape of curved leaves. We can also find here refined natural stone used for countertops. Black appears in this arrangment not only as a base, but also in the form of bathroom equipment.

Aranżacja łazienki opiera się na połączeniu czerni i drewna

The arrangement of the bathroom is based on the combination of black and wood

Photo: Anna Staniszewska

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