Where Mid-Century Modern meets Scandinavia

08 of August '23
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  1. Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska of Luumo studio is responsible for the project.
  2. The apartment is located in Warsaw, Poland.
  3. One of the bedrooms was converted into a reading nook, which is part of the living room.
  4. The kitchen was separated from the living room by a glass wall.
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The Warsaw apartment belongs to a couple of aesthetes who care about every detail. So from the beginning the investors had a clear plan of how the interior should look like. They entrusted its execution to Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska of Luumo studio.

We wnętrzu dominują jasne kolory

The interior is dominated by bright colors

Photo: Tom Kurek

From inspiration to reality

The project was created almost entirely remotely, as the investors, who after several years decided to return to Poland, were still living abroad at the time. The architect was given a very detailed moodboard.

- This project is one every interior designer dreams of. In the first message, the investors briefly stated their expectations: Mid-Century Modern with Scandinavian influences, predominantly white and lots of light wood. I immediately knew that something beautiful and very much in my style would be created - recalls Monika Gruszka-Ziółkowska.

Mieszkanie należy do pary z psem Ozdobą wnętrza są designerskie lampy

The ornament of the interior are designer lamps

Photo: Tom Kurek

The challenge that transformed the space

The biggest design challenge was the floor. The investors dreamed up a larch plank on it. However, no one wanted to take on this task due to the rapid aging of this material and possible warping. The owners of the apartment, however, were adamant. They finally succeeded, and the result is stunning. Characteristic, contrasting grain planks play the first fiddle in the interior. It's also worth noting details such as the characteristic geometric stuccowork under the ceiling, patterned floors, and fine details of the cabinets. However, the cheery on top of this arrangement, the vast majority of which are classics of Scandinavian design.

Mniejsza sypialnia została przekształcona w kącik do czytania

The smaller bedroom was transformed into a reading nook

Photo: Tom Kurek

The importance of details

The apartment is spacious and full of light. However, it required many changes in the functional layout. The biggest of these was to eliminate the smaller bedroom and incorporate its space into the living area. This gave the already large living room a reading nook with a sizable bookcase. The main element of this space, however, is a sprawling corner sofa in gray. Thanks to its rather long and narrow legs, the furniture does not overwhelm the interior. The lounge area is complemented by a table and a vintage-style bookcase, on which a turntable and vinyl records are displayed. The tiled stove was repainted in the same color that appears on the walls. This makes it almost invisible.

Meble w stylu retro tworzą charakter wnętrza

Retro-style furniture creates the character of the interior

Photo: Tom Kurek

Clear division

The kitchen was separated from the living room by a glass wall. The clear outline of this zone is also emphasized by the patterned floor. The wide worktop also serves as a seating area thanks to the wooden hockers placed at its other side. The dining table is complemented by chairs with Viennese plaid. This motif also appears on other furniture in this apartment.

Kuchnię od salonu oddziela szklana ścianka

The kitchen is separated from the living room by a glass wall

Photo: Tom Kurek

With retro accents

The bathroom, although small, has been equipped with all the necessities. A minimalist bathtub screen makes it possible for the owners to enjoy both a quick shower and a relaxing bath. The walls in the bath area have been tiled with textured subway tiles. Two washbasins with a round form found their place on a massive retro-style cabinet. The small space is optically enlarged by a mirror occupying more than half of one of the walls. The arrangement is complemented by gold faucets and a floor with an interesting pattern.

Lustro optycznie powiększa przestrzeń W strefie kąpielowej znajdziemy płytki metro

The mirror optically enlarges the space

Photo: Tom Kurek

Charm of wood and subtle accessories

The bed impresses with its dark shade of wood. The furniture is complemented by bedside tables, with the Viennese plaid, which has already appeared in this appartment. Above them are simple white sconces in the form of balls with discreet gold decoration. The fronts of the furniture development resemble wall stucco. As a result, the cabinet almost blends in with its surroundings.

Stoliki nocne są ozdobione plecionką wiedeńską Fronty zabudowy przypominają sztukaterie

The bedside tables are decorated with Viennese plaid

Photo: Tom Kurek

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