Minimalist apartment for a couple

06 of February '24

The 55-square-meter apartment was supposed to be a calm oasis for young investors. Architect Anna Łuksza of the She-Art. studio opted for cozy minimalism.

Wnętrze utrzymane jest w stonowanych barwach

The interior is kept in subdued colors

© Vasco

Peaceful asylum

The apartment belongs to a young couple. The investors wanted their home to be a place of rest after a long, tiring day at work. So they chose modern minimalism, which allows the interiors to maintain harmony, visual order and provides an excellent design base.

- Trust is the basis of a successful project. Having good contact with investors, listening to their needs, we can work wonders — convinces architect Anna Łuksza, owner of the She-Art design studio.

A small apartment turned into a bright and spacious interior. At the same time, the arrangement is cozy and spiced with a pinch of unforced elegance. The basis of the design is a palette of cool whites, grays and blacks complemented by wood, which warms the space.

Architektka Anna Łuksza

Architect Anna Łuksza

© Vasco

Simplicity with a touch of elegance

This can be perfectly seen in the living room area, where the light gray color of the walls perfectly corresponds with the floor in a light colored wood. As befits minimalism, all living room furnishings have been kept to a minimum, so as not to disturb the purity of the space and the clarity of its arrangement. Comfortable sofas in a minimalist shape were arranged in an L-shape. The lounge furniture optically closes the space, marking out this part of the living area. There are also wooden chests of drawers made according to Anna Łuksza's original design.

Szare sofy mają minimalistyczną formę

The gray sofas have a minimalist form

© Vasco

Thanks to carefully selected details, the simple arrangement has also gained a pinch of elegance. The wall with the TV is decorated with a stylish wallpaper with elegant stripes. This pattern not only decorates, but also optically enlarges the room. Meanwhile, in the dining area, you will find a wall decoration with a typical arabesque. A similar function is also performed by classical lighting, gold accessories, a decorative radiator or a mirror in a stylized frame.

- Every detail counts in an arrangement. It brings out the qualities of the interior, but also emphasizes the attention to detail that a good design should show — explains Anna Łuksza.

Kuchnię zdobi kredens w stylu angielskim Ściana w jadalni została udekorowana typową arabeską

The kitchen is decorated with an English-style sideboard

© Vasco

Stylish functionality

The kitchen cabinetry was made according to the architect's design. The furniture is modern and minimalist. The kitchen is kept in the same color palette as the living and dining room part, and just like it, it is not devoid of decorative touches. A note of elegance is brought here by a stylish sideboard. The form of the kitchen table refers to it.

Zabudowa kuchenna powstała wedle projektu Anny Łukszy

The kitchen cabinets were designed by Anna Łuksza

© Vasco

Private zone inspired by nature

The bedroom and bathroom were also decorated in a subdued palette of earthy colors. Thanks to this, the arrangement introduces a soothing, relaxing atmosphere. Wood and cozy fabrics warm up the bedrooms, while wallpaper with a birch tree motif introduces an element of nature. The same function is performed by the decorative mirror in the bathroom, which also boldly refers to the natural world.

W łazience znajdziemy lustro w zdobnej ramie

In the bathroom you will find a mirror in an ornate frame

© Vasco

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