Minimalist apartment for rent

27 of February '23

The arrangement of a small, 45-square-meter apartment is an example of the marriage of contemporary trends. White plays the main role here, but it is also a background for the warm shade of wood and hexagonal forms, which appear in the form of an openwork wall and tiles in the lobby and bathroom.

Wnętrze w minimalistycznym stylu

Interior in a minimalist style


Universal arrangement

The space, classic in layout, consisting of a living room with a kitchenette, bedroom, bathroom and lobby, was finished for rent. This factor became the basis for the choice of both visual and functional elements, composed with potential tenants in mind - a single person or a couple.

Ścianka z heksagonów i miejsce do pracy Kanapa w strefie dziennej

A wall of hexagons, a workspace and a couch


Multifunctional island

There were several challenges here in terms of space organization. Enlarging the small kitchen, visually separating the kitchen space from the hall, or clearing space for an oval table with chairs. In the role of division, a light wall built of hexagons worked perfectly. Adjacent to it is the kitchen island. Its space on one side has additional kitchen cabinets, on the other, together with the screen, it creates the option of an open desk, and on the third, an arch cut in the countertop connects to the dining table. The apartment has been given plenty of storage space - the subtle built-ins in the kitchen, bedroom and lobby blend in with the surroundings.

Łazienka ze zdobnymi płytkami Heksagonalne płytki w łazience

Hexagonal tiles in the bathroom


Subtle shades

The visual side of the development is a combination of white and cozy beige. The alternating surfaces in these colors are subtly complemented by the warm wood tones of the floors and furniture elements. The simplicity of the lines of the furnishings is broken by the use of a hexagon motif and oval and soft shapes - the table, chairs and lighting. The bedroom is calm and soft. Here, too, as in the living area, patterns have been abandoned. This makes the arrangement universal. Only the tiles in the bathroom stand out with a pattern, but it is subdued with calm colors.

Sypialnia w spokojnych barwach

Bedroom in calm colors


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