Minimalist interior in a townhouse

23 of November '23
w skrócie
  1. The interior was designed by Grzegorz Layer.
  2. The apartment is as large as 180 m².
  3. The architect introduced new partitions and arranged the passageways.
  4. The largest room was adapted into a kitchen connected with a dining room and an outdoor terrace.
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The Katowice apartment is as large as 180 m². The arrangement of this impressive space was created by architect Grzegorz Layer.

Monolityczna wyspa przykuwa uwagę

The monolithic kitchen island attracts attention

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

Synthesis of two worlds

The main design goal was to create a comfortable and modern apartment inside a historic building. The biggest challenge turned out to be the adaptation of the complicated historical interior layout to modern functional requirements.

Szafki skrywają wejście do spiżarni Kuchnia połączona jest z jadalnią

Cabinets hide the entrance to the pantry

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

Space and light

The architect introduced new partitions and arranged the circulation routes. Thanks to these changes and proper zoning, it was possible to create a more open space with a free layout. To ensure the free flow of natural light, glass partitions of varying textures were used in several places. Additional rooms were also zoned out, including a laundry room, a workspace and an additional bathroom.

Rzut architektoniczny

Architectural plan

© Grzegorz Layer

Colorful accents

The new built-ins were accented with distinctive colors. In turn, their decorative character was broken with minimalist, hidden doors. Monolithic furniture, appearing in many rooms, emphasize the geometry of the space and the permeation of individual zones.

Zabudowy wyróżniają się intensywnymi kolorami

The cabinets are distinguished by intense colors

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

Layout for privacy

The largest room was adapted into a kitchen connected to the dining room and outdoor terrace. A centrally located, monolithic island and a row of cabinets hiding the entrance to the pantry organize this irregular, high space. The master bedroom with a closet is connected to the bathroom, creating a spacious and comfortable zone isolated from the rest of the apartment.

Sypialnia jest połączona z garderobą i łazienką

The bedroom is connected to the dressing room and bathroom

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

The new face of classics

Natural, timeless materials were used in the interiors - wooden parquet flooring, stone in the kitchen and bathrooms, and natural veneer in two shades covering the furniture built-in. Italian terracotta appearing in several rooms gives the interiors a sunny, somewhat Mediterranean feel. Architect used antiques collected by the owners. Vintage lamps, furniture and accessories were highlighted by contrasting with modern, minimalist forms.

W łazience zastosowano kamień

Stone was used in the bathroom

Photo: Grzegorz Layer

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