Minimalist tiles - a solution not only for the bathroom

20 of July '22

Increasingly, we can see ceramic tiles outside their traditional places of use, namely the bathroom and kitchen. The right tiles will work well on walls and floors in all rooms.

First of all, durability

What is the biggest advantage of tiles? Durability! This material is extremely resistant to abrasion and mechanical damage. It is also not afraid of dirt, and cleaning such surfaces is very easy. This will certainly be appreciated by parents of small children and pet owners. So why not finish the wall in the living room with just tiles? The versatility of currently available patterns and modern design makes it easy to match tiles to any style of interior. In addition, this material does not require any maintenance. It will also be ideal as a cooling element on hot days.

Płytki w kolorze głębokiego granatu

Deep navy blue tiles

© Ceramika Paradyż

Opt for color

Minimalist interiors still do not lose their popularity. No wonder, a room decorated in this style can become a real oasis of calm. In such a space, uniform walls will work perfectly. However, in order not to create another stiff arrangement, instead of the usual paint, choose ceramic tiles. Single-colored tiles without any patterns will create a beautiful monochromatic surface. For a better effect, choose grout of thesame or very similar shade. Such a finish makes a great background for furniture and appliances. Even a more intense color, works well with such a style. With a simple form, colorful tiles can shine in their full glory. A great example is terracotta. The warm color of terracotta is associated with vacations in southern Europe. The name comes from Italian and translates as scorched earth. This original color cyclically returns to interiors. It was already very fashionable in the 1920s and 1930s, and then in the 1970s and 1980s, and all indications are that it will relive its glory years after another 5 decades.

Ciepły kolor terakoty nada wnętrzu przytulnego charakteru Płytki w kolorze zgaszone mięty

Uniform tiles in the bathroom

© Ceramika Paradyż

Intriguing form

Monochromatic tiles, however, do not have to mean boredom. With calm colors, you can play with the texture. Such tiles will introduce a decorative motif, while maintaining the minimalist character of the interior. A space lined with structured tiles looks different at any time of day or night. Depending on the lighting, the chiaroscuro changes, which affects the colors perceived by the eye. They also create an amazing play of light, which will perfectly replace any other decoration. A combination of structured and smooth tiles can also be used to create a decorative panel or separate a functional area.

Przy spokojnych barwach możesz pobawić się strukturą płytek Strukturalne płytki wprowadzą motyw dekoracyjny

With calm colors, you can play with the structure of the tiles

© Ceramika Paradyż

Delicate patterns

Minimalist styling, however, does not exclude patterns. Choose those with delicate, geometric shapes. Preferably still remaining in the same color scheme. The most important thing is to avoid contrasts. In this way, the whole will be consistent and delicate. Such tiles will work best on large tiled areas, so in the bathroom and kitchen. They will add great variety to a tile-filled space. In addition, you can place tiles with a pattern only on the floor, leaving the wall plain. This way you will mark the division, and the whole will not blend together. However, the arrangement will still remain subtle. Tiles with a subtle pattern can also be a way to delineate a particular zone. For example, you can lay them only next to the bathtub, thus separating the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom. An open shower stall lined with patterned tiles will also stand out brilliantly.

Płytki z delikatnym wzorem położone obok wanny oddzielą część kąpielową od reszty łazienki

Tiles with a delicate pattern placed next to the bathtub will separate the bathing area from the rest of the bathroom.

© Ceramika Paradyż

Development: Katarzyna Szostak

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