Modern house near Warsaw in a Christmas display

13 of December '22

Deep, muted colors dominate the interiors of a 115-square-meter house near Warsaw. Combined with organic materials, they create a cozy atmosphere inspired by the christmasphilic trend.

Climatic terraced house in Warsaw's Bemowo district

Architects from the Decoroom studio - Katarzyna Piotrowska and Katarzyna Fotek- are responsible for the interior design. They created a modern and spacious house with strong color accents in each room.

- Since the investors like dark muted colors, especially cool tones and natural materials, in the interior we used their entire palette - from grays, through fawn blues, to browns and complementary black. The exception is the toilet on the first floor and the teenage daughter's room," says architect Katarzyna Piotrowska.

Pokój dziecięcy

Children's room

Photos: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubanska Styling: Maria Szymanska/ Interiors in Lens

In navy blue

Thekitchen with dining room is located on the first floor. The distinctive element of this interior is the built-in furniture of an unusual fawn shade of navy blue. It was made in the Decoroom carpentry shop. Katarzyna Fotek is responsible for the project. Smooth, lacquered fronts with a matte finish were made of MDF. The whole is crowned with a black stone countertop. In the high built-in cabinets were cleverly hidden not only household appliances, but also a pantry. In turn, the lower part is complemented by a hanging cabinet with fluted panels, which add elegance to the kitchen. The color of the built-in beautifully corresponds to the coloring of the wooden floor. The kitchen development is closed by an island.

Kuchnia z jadalnią

Kitchen with dining area

Photos: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubanska Styling: Maria Szymanska/ Interiors in Lens

At the festive table

The dining area, on the other hand, is used for celebrating meals together. This is the perfect place to spend the holidays with family. There is no question of mottled decorations and flashy colors here. Here you will find subdued colors and a festive table in a natural style. A linen tablecloth adorns the wooden top of the round table. Simple ceramics in subdued, warm colors and decorative glassware in similar shades emphasize the minimalist character of the arrangement. Treasures of nature - nuts, pinecones and live spruce branches add to its Christmas charm.



Photos: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubanska Styling: Maria Szymanska/ Interiors in Lens.

Leisure at a higher level

The living room is located on the second floor. Its focal point is a comfortable sofa in navy blue. The living room has been combined with a home library. On the same floor there is also the room of the teenage daughter, which, contrary to the design convention of the other interiors, was filled with an intense shade of blue. The interior is warmed by a wooden floor. White furniture adds freshness to the arrangement.


Living room

Photos: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubanska Styling: Maria Szymanska/ Interiors in Lens

Modern bathrooms

The bathroom on the second floor deserves special attention. It has been decorated in a concrete gray color. The monotony is broken by a decorative mosaic in subdued shades of blue. It decorates the wall with a shower, the zone of which is separated by a wall. A small but functional toilet on the first floor, on the other hand, is distinguished by a special en closure hiding a practical storage compartment, as well as by the color scheme. Brown, maroon and yellow appear here, enlivening the small room.
Łazienka Toaleta


Photos: Kamila Markiewicz-Lubanska Styling: Maria Szymanska/ Wnętrza w Obiektywie.

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