Natural stone in the interior

20 of February '23

Stone invariably remains one of the favorite materials of interior designers. It is practical, durable, timeless and versatile. This natural material also fits perfectly into modern interior design trends based on closeness to nature.

Blat kuchenny z kamienia naturalnego

Natural stone kitchen countertop


One of a kind

Natural stone gives us many options to choose from. A stone tile can be polished, matte, brushed or flamed, and its edge finish can be cut straight, beveled or hammered. It is a natural material, so it has a unique color and texture. Tiles from a single palette can vary in shade or in the arrangement of veins and streaks, making this material unique. The material is extremely durable. The stone is resistant to mechanical, chemical and abrasion damage. In addition, any damage is hardly visible on it, because this material, has the same color inside and outside.

Kamień naturalny jest świetnym wyborem do łazienki Kamień naturalny w łazience

Natural stone is a great choice for the bathroom


Application of natural stone

Stone will be ideal as a finish for walls and floors. It will look much more elegant than ceramic tiles. Countertops, both in the kitchen and in the bathroom, as well as kitchen islands will gain a luxurious character just by using stone. This material will also be perfect as stair treads, window sills or fireplace surrounds. If we have architectural elements in theinterior, such as pillars, stone will be their ideal facing. Smaller decorative elements made of stone, such as flower pots, dishes, lamp bases or sculptures will also look beautiful. The use of natural stone is a great solution for underfloor heating. Stone definitely holds heat longer, so it will be great for energy-efficient construction. It can also be illuminated in an interesting way.

Kuchnia z kamieniem naturalnym

Kitchen with natural stone


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