New life for the old mill in Wroclaw

24 of January '23

The 50-square-meter apartment designed by the Decoroom studio is located in an old mill building in Wroclaw. The revitalization of an investment from the early 20th century enabled the owner to fulfill her dream of living in a place with a rich history in the background.

Eclectic tenement

The color scheme proposed in the apartment is quite subdued, but enriched with stronger accents. Earthy colors prevail, broken by olive fronts of the kitchen cabin ets and custom-made double doors. The atmosphere of the apartment is cozy and elegant, and the style of combining the various elements of the decor can be described as soft eclecticism going hand in hand with a stoner aesthetic. The sheer height of the apartment giving a sense of spaciousness is impressive. The wooden floor laid in a herringbone pattern became the basis for original solutions here. In the lobby, interior architect Ewa Grzywa opted for wallpaper with geometric patterns. The wall lined with it perfectly blends with the door to the bathroom. There is also a capacious furniture built-in from the Decoroom carpenter's shop, referring in style to the other rooms.

Oliwkowa zabudowa

Olive-colored built-in

Photo: Marek Koptyński

Daily zone

The kitchen with fronts in an interesting tone of olive green was opened to the living room, so that it naturally blended with the living zone, full of light. The black hood in the form of a tube contrasts here with the working belt, lined with tiles with a delicate pattern. On the left side a practically invisible light-colored fridge was located. Noteworthy is the lower enclosure. Placed on an unusually high mirrored plinth, it gives the kitchen a unique lightness and spaciousness. The living area directly connects to the dining room and kitchen, creating a cohesive whole. The living room features a comfortable sofa in a shade of dirty pink and a stylized wooden dresser.

 Centralnym punktem salonu jest sofa w brudnoróżowym kolorze

The centerpiece of the living room is a sofa in dirty pink

Photo: Marek Koptynski


The bedroom consistently uses a natural color palette, adding a touch of blue. The wallpaper with an original motif attracts attention. Next to it is a wall with stucco. The bedroom is entered through double doors in an interesting shade of green with a touch of blue. Their traditional design straight from old tenements and intriguing color are a reference to the vintage trend.

Sypialnia wyróżnia się oryginalną tapetą

The bedroom is distinguished by an original wallpaper

Photo: Marek Koptynski


Maintained in tones of blue and white, the bathroom duplicates the inspiration of the spirit from atmospheric tenements, which is emphasized, among other things, by the patterned floor in retro style. Delicate elements of black bring a touch of elegance to the arrangement. Architect Decoroom opted for timeless white tiles juxtaposed with geometric patterns on the floor. The interior also features gold elements in the form of bathroom fixtures and details of the walk-in cabin. The blue ceiling adds character to the arrangement.

Łazienka utrzymana jest w odcieniach niebieskości i bieli

The bathroom is maintained in shades of blue and white

Photo: Marek Koptyński

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