6 tips for minimizing room noise

11 of February '22

A noisy neighbor, a renovation behind the wall or a busy street outside the window - it's hard to get used to the incessant sounds There's nothing more annoying when, wanting to relax, the noise spreading through the house doesn't allow you to calm down. However, there is hope! These few tips will help reduce the noise in our home and make it possible to finally relax.

Sprawdźmy, czy okna są prawidłowo uszczelnione

Let's check that windows are properly sealed

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1 Windows

First, we should check that our windows are not outdated and poorly sealed. This is especially the case if most of the noise comes from outside. It is worth investing in modern technology not only for soundproofing, but also for thermal insulation. Leaky windows are the reason for a lot of heat loss which - especially in winter - generates considerable costs.

Dywan pełni wiele funkcji we wnętrzu

Carpet has many functions in the interior

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2 Carpets

Placing a rug or carpet on the floor will help prevent sound reflections. Rugs are also a great way to complement a room's decor, and if you have children or pets, your downstairs neighbor will appreciate the muffled thud of your pet. Products with long hair are best suited for sound dampening.

Uszczelki do drzwi podniosą komfort użytkowania drzwi

Door seals will increase the comfort of the door

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3. door covers and seals

Sealing the door is another matter that can make a lot of difference when it comes to reducing noise. The first issue is the gap under the door, which is a great place for noise to penetrate. Adding a cover will help mitigate unwanted sounds. The second thing is to install a soundproofing seal in the door frame. This will help make the door quieter and more comfortable to close. It will now be difficult to slam the door really loudly. This is not the only benefit - such seals will further strengthen the thermal insulation, preventing the penetration of cold or warm air from the outside.

Zasłony dźwiękoszczelne możemy umieścić nawet w drzwiach

We can put soundproof curtains even in doors

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4 Soundproof curtains

We have written about such an interesting solution before - at fourteen making life easier gadgets from IKEA. Many blackout curtains also have sound-absorbing functions. Such decoration is extremely functional, not only does it look great, it darkens the room and on top of that absorbs sounds. The obvious place for the use of curtains is in windows, but you can also consider adding them in doors, if there is such a need.

Praktyczna dekoracja, która pomoże stłumić dźwięki

A practical decoration to help muffle sounds

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5 Additions and decorations

There are materials that have the ability to amplify sounds in a space - these are, for example, glass or metals. Adding materials such as cotton, foam and felt to our arrangements will certainly help us reduce noise. We can also decorate the walls with pictures and frames or even install a living moss wall. A great idea will be to decorate the interior with unique kilims. In addition to decorations hanging on the walls, bookshelves, which are great for absorbing sound, will work just as well here.

Ciekawe kształty paneli mogą być fantastyczną ozdobą

Interesting shapes of panels can be a fantastic decoration

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6. acoustic panels

However, if you need a really good and professional-looking soundproofing barrier for the room, you can use special sound-absorbing panels. Specialized companies even carry out noise charts and help locate the panels and determine their amount so that the acoustics in the room are, as best as possible.

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